Ranks Extension // LobbyCore 1.1

The Ranks extension for my lobbycore/chatmanager scripts. :D

  1. Moderocky
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11
    Source Code:
    Rocky's Ranks ADDON for Skript

    This is built against Skript
    No need to download SkQuery or Umbaska.

    Tested Skript plugin 1.11.2 version (required to run): Click here.

    Most updated version (may have bugs): Click here.
    Stable version (might be outdated): Click here.


    1. To install or update Skript, download the Skript.jar and save it in your server's plugin directory.
    2. If you're installing Skript for the first time, start & stop your server once to generate the config files and some example scripts.
    3. Navigate to /plugins/Skript/skripts/ in your server files.
    4. Delete the example ones in the folder, and then upload the one you downloaded from spigot to that folder.
    5. Restart the server or use /sk reload all.

    About Ranks
    This adds the ranks and chat display needed for OverChat manager and my LobbyCore.

    My permissions are always (rank name).(command name) to make it super simple!
    • staff.list (to be counted as a staff member)
    • admin.rank

    Terms of Use:
    1. You may use this on your server
    2. You may edit this in any way you like
    3. You may submit translations in other languages to me and I will add them here and credit you
    4. You may NOT upload it, or any edited version, anywhere else
    5. You may NOT redistribute it, or any edited version, without my permission
    6. If you want to provide an edit or help out, contact me
    7. You may NOT claim ownership or any credit for this
    8. You may NOT use this code as an example for your own work if it will be distributed to ANYBODY else
    9. You may NOT copy any part of this into your own file if it will be distributed to ANYBODY else
    10. You may NOT leave a review asking for help from me. That is what contact is for...

    Other information:
    You can donate to me if you love this by paypal to [email protected]

    You can test this out on play.toxicskies.co (the server I code it for).

    Please leave a good review if you <3


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