RankSync 1.4.0

Give Discord roles to your Minecraft users!

  1. Reward update

    In this version, the following features have been added:
    - LuckPerms 5.* support
    - An update interval
    - Config values for bStats
    - A reward system
    - RankSync messages remove interval
    - NameSync formats
    - DM enabled checks
    - Spanish
    - Default values for the config

    And the following things have been updated:
    - Some messages have been changed to embeds
    - Discord role order will be maintained after an update
    - The config look
    - Case-sensitivity warnings for Minecraft ranks
  2. JDA Message fix

    Fix a bug which threw an exception when a non-message message came in
  3. Dependency update

    The following things have been updated:
    • The bot got migrated to the v4 API of the JDA
    • Lombok version incremented
    • LuckPerms API version incremented
    • Renamed deutsch.txt to german.txt
  4. Compatibility update

    In this version, the following features have been added:
    • More relocations to be compatible with more plugins
    • A config option to disable permission warnings
    • The German translations
    • The French translations
    And the following things have been updated
    • Vault has been set as the default over LuckPerms in the Spigot version
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  5. Name Sync and Bungeecord support

    Finally they are here, a lot of people wanted these two features, so Name Sync and Bungeecord support have finally arrived!

    Name Sync can be achieved by adding the sync-names: true to your config.yml like this.

    The Bungeecord jar is a separate jar and can be found at the top of the resource page.

    Also some other features have arrived like:
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  6. Bug fixes

    Due to a bug SQL tables didn't get created properly
  7. Add Italian and fix compatiblity issues

    - Italian is a new default language (thanks to @FrozeGamer)
    - New logo (thanks to @FrozeGamer)
    - Due to some Json issues RankSync was not fully compatible with some plugins. Right now it's compatible with more plugins.
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  8. Maintain the not synchronized ranks after a rank update

  9. Add Yaml and Minecraft 1.7-1.13 support

    - Add more structure to the code
    - Add Yaml support, as of right now people do not need SQL anymore to save the data
    - Allow servers from 1.7-1.13 to use RankSync
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  10. Translations

    We've added Translations to the plugin! With this update you can use any language of your choice. Dutch, Russian and English have been built-in, but you can add your own language as well!