Rankup 3.6.1

An easy-to-setup and lightweight rankup system with a GUI!

  1. 3.5.7

    • Add french (fr) locale thanks to GaetanRAYNAUD
    • Add 1.15 support
    • PlaceholderAPI placeholders using items should use dashes, ie IRON-ORE instead of IRON_ORE. This not apply to config placeholders.
    • Fix advanced achievements placeholder
    • Fix placeholder %rankup_[rank_]requirement_%
    • The PlaceholderAPI placeholder requirement can now be used like {AMOUNT placeholder#server_tps} for placeholder %server_tps% >= 19
    • Updated bStats
    • placeholder requirements using <= can now be used as progressive requirements (ie, you can use AMOUNT_DONE, PERCENT_DONE, etc)
    • Fix error on 1.8 with the item requirement
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