Rankup 3.6.1

An easy-to-setup and lightweight rankup system with a GUI!

  1. 3.6

    • Add force rankup and force prestige
    • Add update notification when admins join the server
    • More reliable check to tell if a server is before 1.13 or not
    • Added /maxrankup (disabled by default)
    • Updated config version
    • rankup.admin, grants: rankup.checkversion, rankup.reload, rankup.force, rankup.notify
    • rankup.checkversion: checks for an update when you do /rankup3 or /pru
    • rankup.reload: /pru reload
    • rankup.force: /pru forcerankup <player> or /pru forceprestige <player>
    • rankup.notify: get notified of an update when you join the server
    • rankup.maxrankup (given by default), grants access to /maxrankup
    The following was added to config.yml:

    Code (Text):
    # if true, players with the permission rankup.notify will receive notifications when they join
    # to update if they are on an older version of Rankup.
    notify-update: true

    # if enabled, players can run /maxrankup to rankup as many times as possible,
    # before they fail the requirements for the next rank.
    # the permission rankup.maxrankup is used for this command, but it is usually given by default.
    # note that /maxrankup, if enabled, has no confirmation.
      # You must restart your server if you enable or disable /maxrankup!
      enabled: false
      # whether to send a message for each rankup a player does
      # if set to true, the chat may be spammed for each rankup a player goes through with /maxrankup
      # if set to false, only the last rankup will be shown (if a player starts on rank A, then does
      # /maxrankup and ranks up to B and then C, it will just say "player has ranked up to C")
      individual-messages: true
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