Rankup 3.5.8

An easy-to-setup and lightweight rankup system with a GUI!

  1. 3.5.8

    • Added tokenmanager-tokens requirement
    • Prestige is now disabled by default
    • Fix advancedachievement-achievement config placeholders throwing an error
    • DeductibleRequirement changed from an abstract class to an interface - please update your plugin if you are using custom requirements.
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  2. 3.5.7

    • Add french (fr) locale thanks to GaetanRAYNAUD
    • PlaceholderAPI placeholders using items should use dashes, ie IRON-ORE instead of IRON_ORE. This not apply to config placeholders.
    • Fix advanced achievements placeholder
    • Fix placeholder %rankup_[rank_]requirement_%
    • The PlaceholderAPI placeholder requirement can now be used like {AMOUNT placeholder#server_tps} for placeholder %server_tps% >= 19...
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  3. 3.5.6

    • Add requirements: moneyh, itemh, xp-levelh. Basically the same as the non-h version but does not take money/items/xp away
    • Add PlaceholderAPI placeholders: %rankup_prestige_percent_done_formatted% and %rankup_prestige_percent_left_formatted%
    • Fix error if using rankup commands without PlaceholderAPI installed
    • More descriptive error message if there is no permission or economy plugin found.
    • Instead of disabling the plugin if an error is found and just saying "plugin is...
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  4. 3.5.5 Bugfix

    Fix error when using commands without PlaceholderAPI installed
  5. mcmmo requirement bugfix

    Fix error when using the mcmmo requirement.
  6. 3.5.3

    • Add use-item requirement
    • Add item requirement
    • Re-add block-break requirement
    • Add total-mob-kills requirement
    • Add craft-item requirement
    • Add {AMOUNT_DONE <requirement>} config placeholder (and for PlaceholderAPI)
    • Support PlaceholderAPI placeholders in commands.
    • Fix a warning with prestiges not being valid showing up after a /pru reload even if it shouldn't.
    • Add a message if you are not use sub-requirements correctly.
    • Improve warning message if you...
  7. 3.5.2

    • Remove {OLD_RANK_NAME} and {RANK_NAME} config placeholders (use {OLD_RANK} and {RANK} instead, they already exist)
    • Remove block-break requirement (broken)
    • Fix current_rank and next_rank PlaceholderAPI placeholders
    • Fix sub-requirements
  8. 3.5.1 Update to 1.14

    Add 1.14 support.
  9. 3.5 Simplification Update

    • Add Russian locale file (thanks to NyanSandbox).
    • Removed operations.
    • "next" now refers to the name of a rank, not the name of a configuration section.
    • Requirements are now a list so multiple of the same type of requirement can be used for some requirements.
    • Added votingplugin-votes requirement for VotingPlugin.
    • Added mob-kills <mob> <amount> requirement.
    • Added player-kills <amount> requirement.
    • Remove the need for specifying the last...
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  10. 3.4.2 Minor changes

    • Add Brazilian Portugese locale (by arantesxyz) (pt-br)
    • Support Placeholder API placeholders in config messages
    • Allow for requirement placeholders in the GUI title
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