RankupExpansion 1.0.3

A PlaceholderAPI expansion for PEX-Rankup providing several placeholders.

  1. Synic
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    An expansion that allows users using PEX-Rankup to put placeholders in PlaceholderAPI compatible plugins.

    Important Notice:
    • You MUST have the latest version of PEX-Rankup in order for this RankupExpansion to work.
    • Do NOT use /plugman reload PEX-Rankup to reload the plugin if you use this placeholder.

    This expansion requires
    • PlaceholderAPI
    • PEX-Rankup
    • PermissionsEx
    1. Download RankupExpansion.jar.
    2. Place RankupExpansion.jar in your "plugins/PlaceholderAPI/expansions" folder.
    3. Type in "/papi reload" to register the expansion.
    • %pexrankup_current_group%
      • Returns player's current group.
    • %pexrankup_next_rank%
      • Returns player's next rank in the ladder.
    • %pexrankup_balance%
      • Returns player's balance.
    • %pexrankup_balance_formatted%
      • Returns formatted version of player's balance with commas and no scientific notation.
    • %pexrankup_cost_of_next_rank%
      • Returns cost of the player's next rank.
    • %pexrankup_cost_of_next_rank_formatted%
      • Returns formatted version of the cost of the player's next rank with commas and no scientific notation.
    • %pexrankup_remaining_price%
      • Returns the difference between the cost of the next rank and the player's current balance.
    • %pexrankup_remaining_price_formatted%
      • Returns a formatted version of the remaining price with commas and no scientific notation.
    For people using Featherboard and/or other plugins made by Maximvdw:
    • You will have to have PlaceholderAPI as well and use these placeholders instead:
      • {placeholderapi_pexrankup_current_group}
      • {placeholderapi_pexrankup_next_rank}
      • {placeholderapi_pexrankup_balance}
      • {placeholderapi_pexrankup_balance_formatted}
      • {placeholderapi_pexrankup_cost_of_next_rank}
      • {placeholderapi_pexrankup_cost_of_next_rank_formatted}
      • {placeholderapi_pexrankup_remaining_price}
      • {placeholderapi_pexrankup_remaining_price_formatted}
    How to use:
    • If you have any plugin that hooks onto PlaceholderAPI, you can insert these placeholders inside the configuration files for those plugins that depend on PlaceholderAPI.
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Recent Reviews

  1. RexconoYT_
    Version: 1.0.3
    Man this expansion don't fucking work, I put the instructions, RankupExpansion.jar I don't know why.
    This don't work. DON'T USE IT!!