RankupHolograms 3.0

Add on for EZRanksPro and Holographic Displays to display holograms when players rankup!

  1. 3.0 RankupHolograms 3.0 and higher only supports EZRanksPro


    Modified plugin to work with EZRanksPro

    This update only works with EZRanksPro.
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  2. 2.1 added IndividualHolograms support if you don't use HolographicDisplays, removed test command


    Added support for IndividualHolograms

    Removed /rankupholograms test command because of multiple hologram plugins being supported.
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  3. 2.0 Updated to EZRanksLite 2.0


    Updated to EZRanksLite 2.0
  4. 1.1.1 Fixed rankup cost placeholder returning incorrect amount, other minor improvements


    Adjusted rankup cost placeholder to be more efficient.

    I didn't realize that I already had access to the correct rankup cost after rankup cost discounts and multipliers were applied from the rankup event that is fired when a player ranks up.

    In 1.1 I was getting the base rankup cost and checking/applying discounts if a player had access to any to get the correct cost again. I was doing calculations that weren't...
  5. Added commands, permission to have a hologram be shown, other small improvements!


    Added commands!

    You need rankupholograms.admin to use these commands.

    Added permission node to have a hologram shown when you rankup: rankupholograms.show

    This update has other small improvements you probably won't notice :)