RapSheets 1.0

Staff records and alerts for naughty players

  1. Crunchy_Slipper
    Got a player causing trouble? Not sure if they're a serial offender or it's their first misdemeanour?

    Give the perps a Rap Sheet and you'll always know who the repeat offenders are!

    A Rap Sheet allows your staff to store comments and notes on misbehaving players, so they will always have information on hand to make decisions about whether a warning or stronger discipline is required. No more guessing about whether it's an "accidental" first offence.

    Players with a Rap Sheet are tracked by UUID, so even if they change name, you'll always know about their past. If a player is offline when you give them a Rap Sheet, then the next time they log in, RapSheets will get their UUID and store it.

    Also, when a previous offender logs in, any staff with rapsheets.notify will be alerted.

    RapSheets can optionally listen for other commands and create a Rap Sheet; for example if you warn or tempban a player, the original command will be added to their Rap Sheet notes. Commands to listen for can be set in the config.


    Rap Sheets List

    Auto-add from another command

    Rap Sheet View

    /rs create <player> <comment> - create a new Rap Sheet
    /rs comment <rapsheetid> <comment> - add a comment to a Rap Sheet
    /rs list - list Rap Sheets
    /rs search <player> - search Rap Sheets, supports partial search
    /rs view <rapsheetid> - view details for a Rap Sheet
    /rs delete <rapsheetid> - delete a Rap Sheet

    rapsheets.use - allows a player to create, list and view Rap Sheets
    rapsheets.delete - allows a player to delete Rap Sheets
    rapsheets.notify - players with this will be notified when a player with a Rap Sheet joins the server

    # RapSheets V1.0
    # Crunchy_Slipper

    # Should RapSheets auto create a Rap Sheet on certain commands?
    AutoCreate: true

    # Commands that will trigger Rap Sheet auto-creation
    # Ignore if AutoCreate is false
    # Note that for this to work correctly, RapSheets expects the suspect player name
    # to be the parameter immediately following the original command.

    # For example: /ban player reason
    # will generate a correct Rap Sheet
    # /ban reason player
    # will not
    - /warn
    - /tempban
    - /tempipban

    Drop RapSheets.jar in your plugins folder and restart the server
    RapSheets depends on SQLibrary so you will need that in your plugins folder as well