Rave 1.0

A simple parties plugin

  1. ghitdev
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Rave is a simple to use parties plugin, inspired by the original Hypixel parties system, made for simplicity

    • Invite - invites a player to your party
    • Join - accepts an invite and joins the player's party
    • List - lists the members and information about your party
    • Leave - leaves your current party
    • Chat - enables party-only chat mode
    • Kick - kicks a member from your party
    • Promote - promotes a specified member to the party leader
    Currently Rave is only available for 1.16 Spigot but with plans to support 1.8.x+

    Ideas for the future
    • Adding integration support for McMMO & other plugins that take advantage of parties, such as xp boosters
    • Adding a "warping" feature for networks (works the same way as Hypixel party warps)
    Hypixel - Idea for a parties plugin

    Tika - Coded from scratch by me

    All permissions are self-explanatory, for example: rave.leave corresponds to /rave leave

    Full permission node list:
    Code (Text):
    /rave invite - rave.invite
    /rave join - rave.join
    /rave list - rave.list
    /rave leave - rave.leave
    /rave chat - rave.chat
    /rave kick - rave.kick
    /rave promote - rave.promote

    All permissions - rave.*
    If you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions, please add me on Discord: ghit#0999

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