RawFree | Say no to raw meats. V1.0.1-Save Childrens

I made this plugin because I got served a raw meat.

  1. Gober
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Me, Ramsay
    Languages Supported:
    English, Customizable

    Say no to raw meats!

    Your players won't be able to eat anything that has 'raw' in it.

    This plugin is perfect for those who wants to make a realistic kind of server.

    Commands & perms:
    - /rawfree (ADMIN ONLY)

    - raw.eater - Bypass No Raw Rule.
    raww1.PNG raww2.PNG

    Resource icon by Adib Sulthon.
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Recent Reviews

  1. extral1f3
    Version: V1.0.1-Save Childrens
    Amazing plugin, but can we get it for 1.12 by chance? Its the most stable version of mc to date and TONS of people still use it! This would be GOLD to my server. I would not even mind donating for it!
    1. Gober
      Author's Response
      It is tested to be working on 1.12

      Go try it, should work on yours too.
  2. DrOreo002
    Version: V1.0.1-Save Childrens
    Pretty cool plugin for my survival server!. Good addition for those survival serve that have 'real' theme.

    10/10 ~ DrOreo002

    Anyway, ignore this idiot below me. As you can see there he's 100% hate vegans, which is literally doesn't make any sense because this plugin is not bashing non vegans people. Its a feature for a 'real' survival server which will make it more challenging.
    1. Gober
      Author's Response
      Thank you Oreo for the review ^-^

      Made my dayy