Ray's ChatFormat 1.0.0

Addon for Ray's Permissions. With this plugin you can change the Chat Format. (+PlaceholderAPI)

  1. Raytex
    With this Addon you can change the ChatFormat of a Bukkit Server. Using Placeholders from PlaceholderAPI and Ray's Permissions.


    • Change Chat Format
    • PlaceholderAPI & Ray's Permissions Supported
    • Configurate in config.yml or with commands
    • /chatformat reload | chatformat.reload (Reload the ChatFromat Configuration)
    • /chatformat get | chatformat.get (Shows you the current Format)
    • /chatformat set <New Format> | chatformat.set (Changes the Format to the New Format)
    Extra Permissions:
    • chatformat.* | To have acess to all commands.
    • %prefix% | Player / Group Prefix from Ray's Permissions
    • %suffix% | Player / Group Suffix from Ray's Permissions
    • %rank% | Group Rank from Ray's Permissions
    • %cf_player% | PlayerName
    • %cf_dplayer% | DisplayName of the Player
    • %cf_message% | Message a Player sends
    • All PlaceholderAPI Placeholder
    • Code (Text):
      ChatFormat: '%prefix% &7%cf_dplayer% %suffix%&8: &f%cf_message%'
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Recent Reviews

  1. Vayr
    Version: 1.0.0
    it's good but theres a problem when you type "%"
    the server send a error and the chat mess up
    hope you can fix this! great plugin