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A simple HRM system for MC Servers

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    The quick and pain-free staff application manager

    Development Codefreeze
    Hi all! This resource is currently not being actively developed. However, the development branch on the git repository is the bleeding edge version with fewer bugs and more features. Feel free to download the development version! The development work will resume on the dev branch in a couple of weeks. Critical bugs will still be fixed swiftly as needed.

    Have you ever gotten tired of managing your Minecraft server/network's applications through Discord (or anything else) and having to scroll through hundreds of new messages just to find that one applicant's username?

    Wish you had a better application management strategy? Well, then Raspberry Staff Manager is for you! It was originally designed and developed for internal use, but sharing is caring.

    This is a standalone web application that you must install to your web hosting service. Check the additional info URL for an example of how the app would look like when your first install it.


    View your candidates effortlessly


    Easy, simple staff application form builder

    Preview your forms before they go live


    Manage your users and give them ranks


    Noteworthy features (non-exhaustive list)
    • Two-factor authentication
    • User account/profile management
    • Full control over an application's lifecycle: From initial approval, comments, and notes, as well as group voting to determine its final fate (Voting IS Bypassable via dev tools page)
    • Add detailed staff positions and let users apply to them with your custom form
    • Slack/email notifications
    • Error reporting
    • Hard-coded (for now) 30 day limit on applications
    Upcoming features
    • Spigot Bridge Plugin (auto promote users when they're accepted)
    • Windows/Mac notifications (through Chrome or Safari) for new users and applications
    • More form field options for the form builder
    • Teams (Group your staff!)
    • Web installer for less tech-savvy users

    It's important to note that if you run a cracked/offline Spigot server, none of your users will be supported. The user registration process requires a valid, premium Minecraft username, which will be used for the upcoming Spigot bridge plugin, and the user's profile. The app checks with Mojang to make sure the user is Premium, and if not, registration is blocked. Attempting to subvert this check will result in NO support from me when issues arise!

    The installation process assumes that you have basic knowledge of the Linux command line and that you also have shell access to your web host.

    System requirements:
    • Composer
    • PHP 7
    • NPM package manager
    • ImageMagick (Imagick)
    • Curl
    • Mysqli/PDO
    After installing all of these requirements, please make the provided installation script executable and run it. It will download and install all the additional dependencies and walk you through the application's configuration.

    Additional requirements
    Some features need special requirements, like notifications, to work.
    The installer will prompt you for this information.

    Make sure your web host is serving content from the "public" directory of the app, and that URL rewrite is enabled.

    Getting errors on startup? Here are some common steps to help solve them.

    • Run this command: "PHP artisan config:clear" to clear the cache if you're running into HTTP 500s
    • Check your folder permissions; The "storage" directory must be writable/readable to the web server or the user running PHP, otherwise, the app won't work.
    • Run this command "PHP artisan votes:evaluate" if none of your applications are being approved automatically OR configure the task scheduler (if on Linux) with this line: "
      * * * * * cd /path/to/app && php artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1
      The app is evoked frequently this way but the approval process only runs once a day.
    • Notifications crashing the app? Start the queue manager with "
      nohup php artisan queue:work --daemon &
    Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome! I'm constantly trying to make the app as user-friendly as possible and iron out bugs, so any bug reports and suggestions would be immensely helpful. Use the discussion page or issue tracker on Github to get started.
    Feel free to reach out if you need any help.

    The app is currently being localized to Spanish, Portuguese, and French.
    If you'd like to help with translations, feel free to start translating at Crowdin: https://crwd.in/raspberry-staff-manager

    The full source code of the app is licensed under the GNU GPL v3 license in the Github repository listed in this resource. You're free to contribute and send pull requests.
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