ReActions 0.11.0

Powerfull, easy to learn scripting engine for your server!

  1. fromgate
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    ReActions is a universal event processing system. It allows to check certain conditions and perform certain actions. If required conditions are not met, other actions will be carried out.

    What is ReActions?
    ReActions is a tool that allows you to add new features to items, buttons and... events. You can add new actions that occur when you click the button or open the chest. You can change the state of lever or teleport the player to another location. You can check whether the player in the region and give him an enchanted item as reward for killing a Boss. Oh yeah! You can spawn a Boss-mob too... ReActions can interact with third-party plugins (Vault, Factions, Towny, etc...) to introduce the possibility of non-standard use of their capabilities or give you more flexible and fully customizable settings of the player. For example, you may charge a fee for the entrance to the territory or for opening the chest or pulling the lever. You can perform some actions when player is changing faction (provided by Factions plugin) or force player to join town (Towny plugin).

    And... you don't need to learn scripting language. It takes just a few minutes to understand the principle of ReActions to then be limited only with your imagination.

    Detailed instruction available here:

    Russian instruction (Инструкция на русском) is here:

    Terminology and Features
    To understand further description let us clarify the terminology and define general featuers

    • Subscription. Binding of the activator to any gaming event (getting damage, pressing a button, donning armor, clicking RMB with a specific item in hand). Thus, if the activator is subscribed to an event, it’s triggered when an event occurs.
    • Activator. A set of "event-condition-action". I.e. the activator is caused by a specific event (which it is subscribed), checks for certain conditions (flags) and performs some actions.
    • Flag - condition to check.
    • Action - what makes activator after checking flags. Actions are of two types:
      • action - executes after successful verification flags;
      • reaction - executes after unsuccessful verification flags (if at least one flag returns false).
    • Placeholder - use it to determine dynamically calculated values. You can use buit-in placeholders as parameters to commands or actions. Placeholder API supported.
    • Timer is a scheduler that triggers an activator in defined time
    • Item format. Specific format used to define items and item stacks.
    • Location format. Format to define locations. You point to fixed point or even to a random point inside a region.
    • GUI - Inventory Menu. Create and show menu using player inventory.
    • Particles Effects. Play any particle effect.
    • Time-Format. Some actions, flags and activators use universal format to define time, ticks or delays.
    • Variable is a value that can change. It could contain numbers, text or bool values. You can use this values in commands, activators and even in third-party plugins that supports Placeholder API.

    What can I create using the ReActions?

    Here are some examples of usage of ReActions that I find at some servers:
    • Teleporting system that can charge money or items and depends on player permissions and in-game time. For example: teleporting only during daytime using one diamond block as payment.
    • Simple admin-shop that sells items. For example you can sell a full set of diamond armor by single click of mouse button.
    • Radioactive areas - player gets a damage inside the area and some time after leaving this region.
    • Bridges and gates.
    • Create custom commands (including your native language) without the need to install third-party plugins.
    • Creating an additional ways to solve quest or labyrinths. For example, player with the diamond sword in hand will be teleported to a special location, but player without the diamond sword will be teleported for another place.
    • Executing third-party plugins commands will bring you a lot of fun.
    • I know a server with a kind of strategy game. Players can’t build there, but there are some regions where players can buy buildings that provide resources (buildings are created by ScLoad plugin command executed using ReActions).
    • Creating guns and jetpacks.
    Video examples
    There's no video that shows full features of ReActions. I will create it as soon as I can. But there're some videos that demonstrate some features of ReActions:

    1. How to fly using item right-click

    2. demonstrates two types of activators: REGION_ENTER and REGIONE_LEAVE, and such action as potion effects features:

    Video tutorials
    You can see some tutorials demonstrating how to use ReActions here.

    Why ReActions?
    Some times I receive a question: why I should use ReActions instead of any scripting plugins that could be found at BukkitDev. I can say some words about it. If you learned any scripting language for any scripting plugins I can not recommend you to change it. Most of scripting plugins allow you to do the same things as ReActions. But there are some particular qualities to which I would like to focus:
    • ReActions is really easy to start. After creating your first activator you will know everything about how ReActions works.
    • I'm trying to made ReActions closer to user, not to developer: bukkit's built-in events usually are not mirrored in ReActions. For example ReActions contains a REGION_ENTER activator instead of mirror of PlayerMoveEvent where script-writer must check regions around the player.
    • I'm trying to made ReActions closer to server owner (again) and going to add support to most popular plugins. Now supported: WorldGuard, Vault, Craftconomy3, Factions, Towny, PlayEffect and RacesAndClasses.
    • You can create activators using plugin's command or editing the config files manually (it's even much easier).
    • ReActions is not scripting language. And users thank me for this fact, and this is main reason for me to continue working on it.
    <param> - required parameter.
    [param] – optional parameter.
    [param:<value>] – optional parameter, in which, if used, be sure to specify a value.
    [v1 | v2 | v3] – optional parameter, which is substituted one of these three values.

    Main command of plugin is "/react". Aliases: /rea, /ra.
    • /react help - Somebody help!..
    • /react add <ActivatorType> <ActrName> [Param] - Creates a new activator that subscribed to an event of specified type. List of activator types.
    • /react add loc <LocName> - Saves your current position as the named location for further use (for example for teleporting to).
    • /react add <ActrName> f <Flag> <Param> - Adds a specified condition to the activator. List of flags.
    • /react add <ActrName> a <Actn> <Param> - Adds an action to the activator (executes if all checks returned true). All actions are performed in the same sequence in which they were added. List of actions.
    • /react add <ActrName> r <Reaction> <Param> - Adds an action to the activator (executes if at least one check returned false). All reactions are performed in the same sequence in which they were added. List of reactions.
    • /react copy [flag | actions | reactions] <SrcActr> <DestActr> - Copies flags, actions or reactions of the <SrcActr> to the <DestActr>. Note: If you omit the optional parameter (flag|actions|reactions), it will copy all.
    • /react list [loc | group | type] [Page] - Displays the list of locations, groups or types. Note: If you omit the optional parameter then will be displayed the list of all.
    • /react info <ActrName> [f | a | r] - Displays information about flags, actions or reactions of the activator. Note: If you omit the optional parameter then will be displayed full information about activator.
    • /react group <ActrName> <GroupName> - Changes the group of activator to the specified. Note: If the specified group doesn’t exist then it will be created.
    • /react remove <loc|activator> <ActrName|LocName> - Removes the activator or the location.
    • /react remove <ActrName> <f | a | r> <num> - Removes from the activator the flag, action or reaction, which have the specified number. Note: you can see the numbers by using command /react info <ActrName> [f | a | r].
    • /react clear <ActrName> <f | a | r> - Removes all flags, actions or reactions from the activator.
    • /react debug <true|false|off> - Toggles debug mode. Here: true – all checks always return true; false – all checks always return false; off - turn off debug mode.
    • /react check [radius] - Displays all geolocated activators in the specified range. Note: If you omit the optional parameter then the radius has it’s default value – 8 meters (blocks).
    • /react reload - Reloads plugin (the plugin will reread all of it’s text files).
    • reactions.config - allows to create and setup activators and locations.
    • reactions.debug - allows to use debug mode.
    Read more about commands and permissions here

    Interaction with third-party plugins
    ReActions is compatible with some third-party plugins. All dependencies are soft - you can feel free to use (or not) any of this plugins.

    • Vault — group management and economy.
    • WorldGuard — required for using regions-activators.
    • Towny — you can change/check the player’s town (Warning! Towny located at external web-site and it not approved by bukkit team. Use it on your own risk).
    • Factions — you can catch faction relationship changes, change player’s faction.
    • RacesAndClasses — you can change/check player’s class and race.
    • PlayEffect — you can play particles effects.
    • Craftconomy3 — advanced economy features, multiple currency support.
    • ProtocolLib — packet control library, required to handle messages sent to players
    • PlaceholderAPI — additional placehdolers

    Metrics and update checker
    ReActions includes two features that use your server Internet connection. First one is Metrics that is used to collect information about the plugin (versions of plugin, of Java.. etc.) and the second one is update checker that checks new releases of ReActions after plugin startup and every half hour. This feature is using API provided by If you don't like this features you can easily disable it. To disable update checker you need to set parameter "version-check" to "false" in config.yml. Obtain more information about Metrics and learn how to switch it off, you can read here.

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      Thank you :) You can hide message - just remove actions from the show-messages-for-actions list (in config.yml).

      Спасибо! Сообщения можно скрыть - надо просто убрать названия действия из списка show-messages-for-actions (в конфиге плагина - config.yml)