Realism 1.0.0

A Minecraft plugin that aims to bring a more realistic gameplay to your server.

  1. DeliciousShoesHD
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Source Code:

    Realism is a Minecraft plugin that aims to bring a more realistic gameplay to your server. Ever since the beginning of developing this plugin, I am trying to make features work just like they do in real life. I am always open to new suggestions. Also, do not forget to report all the bugs you can find, because that helps me ensure that server owners do not have to worry about their players exploiting any bugs.

    Data can be either stored on MySQL or locally, make sure to configure this in plugins/Realism/dataStorage.yml!

    If you need any help setting up the plugin, contact me on discord (EncryptedShoesHD#2505) or send me a message on this website.

    Economy is one of the fundamental features that allow players on your server to exchange their good. Realism (this plugin) brings a new economy system to the table. Although it is still very simple, it already allows players to purchase and sell items on a market.

    To check your current balance, execute one of these:
    • /balance,
    • /bal,
    • /money,
    • /cash

    You can also change the currency, but that can be done only through the config file (located at plugins/Realism/economy.yml). Each player also gets some money on first join, just so he or she can start playing easier. This can also be configured in the same file.

    Market is a place, where your players can sell and buy items. I am proud to announce, that my plugin already supports custom items, which I had planned for the future. You can create as many categories as you want. Each category can also contain an unlimited number of items. Once you open up a market inventory, you're asked to select a category. As soon as you select a category, all of its items will be loaded and paginated (you can search through them using pages).

    To open up a market inventory, execute one of these:
    • /market,
    • /shop

    Categories that are currently active.

    The first page of items that are stored in category "Building blocks".

    This open up once you select an item.

    Next page button.

    You can choose an amount of an item you want to buy...

    ... or sell.

    Once you're done, just click the confirm button!
    Note: Market also updates in real time. Meaning that if you drop an item you want to sell, the available amount to sell will be updated and also all applicable buttons will be either disabled or stay enabled. Same works for picking up an item. Real-time updates do support custom items. :)


    As of first release, market already has one pre-prepared category, which should help you create more of them.

    • By downloading this plugin you promise me that you will use this plugin as it should be used. Please do not use it to cause any damage to other server owners,...
    • In case of any bugs or problems, please, notify me in the private messages, as you could seriously cause problems (talking about players starting to exploit these bugs) by posting them in reviews.
    • You can always suggest new features or new plugins. You have a few options, when it comes down to suggestions. You can either post it in reviews (make sure to include your opinion about the plugin) or send me a private message on Spigot or on Discord.
    • I am open to all reviews, commendations, suggestions or invitations for cooperation.
    • Maintaining this plugin is time-consuming. I provide it for free, because I feel like Minecraft needs more plugins that are free and awesome. Please consider donating, to help me cover my expenses. All donations will be featured on all pages of my plugins. The donation link is located at the top!
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