Realistic Explosions 2015-09-05

makes blocks fly everyone on explosion

  1. DarkPrism_
    Realistic Explosions

    This plugin is specially designed for realistic server, and to have fun with actually exploding things other then just the common explosion. Normal explosions, yes hey are cool, fun and fun to mess around with, but this plugin Realistic Explosions presents a whole new concept! This plugin features the fact that the blocks will fly all over the place, to a radius of 100 blocks far. This plugin is a lot of fun to mess with and play with, I have had a lot of fun with it, and I think its at its best and time to release.

    In fact, no there is no commands other then one.

    • /re - Displays a tiny menu with some info.
    Screenshot of Info Menu


    To-Do List
    • Add a config for the blocks flying distance.
    • Add a explotion message.
    • Feature to enable and disable this feature.
    • Permissions will be added very soon as well.