RealisticAnimals beta 0.5_1

Makes your animals more realistic

  1. Zuif
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    any, through messages.yml
    Are the animals in the game not realistic enough, boring and secondary?
    RealisticAnimals will makes your animals more interesting, by
    changings their behavior, introducing new mechanics and customizable features.

    Current Features
    • Animal Description - when the player crouches right-clicks on an animal(configurable), they receive a customizable card that includes the animal's unique name, gender, and age. Card appearance configurable in config.yml. UUID using for identification.
    • Multiple version NMS - support 1.16.X, 1.15.X, 1.14.X, 1.13.X, 1.12.X Minecraft versions.
    • Breeding. You can change the items for breeding animals and their amount for each type in breed_item.yml.
    Expected Features.
    • MySQL support
    • Custom Drop. Make a drop of animals dependent on age and gender
    • Animal Description
      - Make animals breeding gender, age dependent. Add animals status to the card.
    • Make all mechanics and features fully configurable.
    • UltraOptimizer. A rethinking and complete rework is needed for the plugin to function better. As tests have shown, it is normal to keep on a server with small resources ~ 200 changed animals with improved AI, which is unacceptably small, in addition, new mechanics will be added in the future.
    Current Mechanics (BETA)
    • Time - creates its own way of measuring time, depending on its ratio to the real, as well as the refresh rate
    • Better animal AI - changes the behavior of vanilla mobs. It includes this mechanic:
      - Main. Replacing animals with custom ones when player right clicked them. You can configure the distance at which the nearby animal is replaced
      - Run. Animals run away from the player.
      You can change animal avoid distance, sprint and walk modifiers for each animal in the animals settings configuration.
      - Attack. Animals can attack the player in melee.
      You can configure the damage and gender dependence in the animal settings
    Expected Mechanics
    • Predictor
      - Move
      . After the animal enters the unloaded chunk, and then into the loaded chunk, it will be moved according to the possible trajectory of the route predicted in advance, depending on age, presence of a pack, gender and status.
    • Better Animal AI
      - Attack. Add age dependency.
      - Main. Make action when animals replacings more configurable.
      - Flock. Animals will be able to stray into a flock depending on their type and age, and will also have roles in it
      - Nutrition. The animal needs to drink and eat
    • Right click at the animal card to change the unique name. It suggest command to you, just add the name.
    • /rean reload - reload all configurations.
    • /rean debug enable|disable - enable debug mode.
    • /rean debug section <section> enable|disable - enable debug mode for one of the sections. TabCompleter suggest a list of sections
    • rean.use:
      description: 'Allows to use the command /realisticanimals'
      default: op
    • desc.change:
      description: 'Allows to use the animals desc change command'
      default: true
    • This plugin uses bStats to get statistics. You can always disable data collection in plugins/bStats/config.yml
    The plugin on the beta version, test it before installing at the server.
    Please, leave bugs report on the resource discussion, not on the review.

Recent Updates

  1. hotfix
  2. Age dependence
  3. hotfix

Recent Reviews

  1. minece
    Version: beta 0.5_1
    You can add version 1.18??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    1. Zuif
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, in the near future I'm going to update the plugin, where I will add support for new versions and some new mechanics. I was very busy at the university and at work, so there were no updates for so long.
  2. Resoluciones
    Version: beta 0.5_1
    great idea, thank you Developer for this unique plugin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Zuif
      Author's Response
      Thanks for review :)
  3. StefanoYT
    Version: beta0.3_2
    I have a problem, I put the plugin on my server and it came out in red, why would it be? my server is version paper 1.16.1
    1. Zuif
      Author's Response
      Hi, first, do not submit bugs in the plugin review. Secondly, describe the error in more detail in the discussion of the resource for fixing(screenshot or stack trace)
  4. Hoang_Redstone
    Version: beta0.3_2
    hope you support for lower version of server , 1.13, 1.12,.......................
    1. Zuif
      Author's Response
      Thanks, yes, I will add support for these versions in the next two updates
  5. Bossbirdyman51
    Version: 0.2beta
    Hi, Good plugin, but i want to try it but i am on 1.16.X version ^^
    Hum can we configure age exemple cow died if they have 14Years etc...
    1. Zuif
      Author's Response
      Hello, thanks, plugin now supports version 1.16.3!
      As far as your suggestion is concerned, something similar will be presented in future updates.
  6. David123ww
    Version: 0.1beta
    Exelente complemento pero una pregunta funcionará en 1.14??)?????????..???????

    1. Zuif
      Author's Response
      Hasta ahora no hay soporte para versiones distintas a la 1.15.2, espere la versión del complemento 0.2beta, agregará soporte para algunas versiones más, incluida la 1.14
      (Traductor de Google)
  7. AntonchikG
    Version: 0.1beta
    I think this plugin have a great future, maybe it will be one-of-kind on Spigot. Good luck to author
    1. Zuif
  8. vresh
    Version: 0.1beta
    Gut! I liked it very much, because those author doing everything good. I like him and all his works
    1. Zuif