RealisticGrenades v0.3.1

Blow up your opponents with realistic, fully customizable grenades.

  1. Menu Title Customization

    With this minor update, you can now customize the Title of the /grenades menu via the config file.
  2. Flash Explosions & Other Tweaks

    Update v0.3.0 introduces a new kind of explosion: flash explosions.

    Flash explosions will temporarily give nearby players blindness and nausea, but only if they are looking towards the explosion.

    - Added flash explosions
    - Added 'Flashbangs' as a default grenade
    - Added /grenade as an alternative to /grenades
    - If a grenade is missing values in the config, those values will now be auto-filled to defaults. In older versions, an error message would be sent and the grenade would not...
  3. Command Name Change + And Improved Anti-Grief Support

    - The command "/rg" has been renamed to "/realisticGrenades" due to conflict with WorldGuard.
    - Improved support for anti-grief plugins (tested with WorldGuard and GriefPrevention).
  4. 1.16 Compatibility & Minor Tweaks

    This update has a few minor changes:

    - The plugin is now compatible with Minecraft version 1.16
    - Default config values were slightly altered to be more balanced
    - A grenade's beep, if enabled, can now be heard from up to 2x the grenade's explosion radius (instead of up to 16 blocks from the grenade).
  5. More Accurate Explosion Radii

    With update v0.2.2, the radii of explosions have been adjusted to be more accurate to settings in this config.

    Additionally, a "new update" notification has been added so that servers can more easily stay up to date.
  6. Config Modification Impacts Pre-Existing Grenades

    With this change, any modifications to grenades in the config will automatically update all pre-existing grenades in-game.

    This update has been made to prevent any confusion when tweaking grenade physics. When testing my plugin, I found myself accidentally throwing old grenades in order to test new configurations. This led me to make adjustments that were much more drastic than I realized.

    Fortunately, with v0.2.1, this can no longer happen.
  7. New Commands & Permissions

    New commands and permission nodes have been added.

    • /grenades - Pulls up a menu displaying all grenades and grenade recipes
    • /rg - Shows a list of all accessible admin commands
    • /rg give - Admin command used for giving players grenades.
    Permission Nodes:
    • realisticgrenades.* - Gives access to all RealisticGrenades commands
    • realisticgrenades.admin.* - Gives access to all admin commands
    • realisticgrenades.admin.give - Gives access to /rg give...
  8. Minor Fix

    Fixed grenade instantly colliding with the player as soon as it is thrown.