RealisticMinecraft 2017-08-20

This plugin makes minecraft more "realistic"

  1. Eagler
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Hi guys, I wrote times a plugin what playing minecraft should make something more interesting.
    If you have an idea for a function let me know.

    Here are the built-in features so far:

    - Realistic TNT explosion

    - If you remove a block without tools, you can get damage

    - If you hold something like iron or a tool / sword in your hand you get a slowness effect

    - When you get up you get a blindness effect for a short time

    - When you go through a portal you get effects like nausea and blindness, and you get 2 more heart damage

    - When you are dying you can become a zombie and get many effects

    So I hope you like the plugin :)

    My Youtube channel:
    (In future, Let's Codes will also come)