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  1. Added an Amazing setup system!

    Introducing v2.4
    It took a long time for me to update my plugins as I was in the hospital. But now the update is finally here.

    This update adds an amazing setup system to the plugin. You can use the system by typing: /rra OR /realradioadmin. You will get a message with some arguments you can use.
    The setup system is fully automatically and you only have to type one command. The rest of the work will be done in the chat by typing the settings. The messages will NOT be broadcasted to the other players.

    This update also adds a new option to the sections. The option: radioLink can now also be added to the sections. The plugin will ignore the radios for that section. That means that if you click the section in the GUI, your computer will open a link and the plugin will NOT open the radios GUI.
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