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  1. Meet RealRadio 3.0!

    Introducing RealRadio 3.0
    We all know it took a very long time for me to update this project. It actually has been done for quite a time, but I just haven't been able to update and upload it on Spigot.

    So as it's been already done for a long time, and I didn't work on it since then, I don't know all the things I've added, changed or removed. But here are the things I do know:

    COMPLETELY CHANGED the layout of the GUI's. It's now responsible, which means that the size is based on the number of radios.
    ADDED NoteBlockAPI support. Please notice that it's a dependency now! If you want to play a song (with NBAPI), you will have to ADD the type property to your radio and set it to song. Then it will play the song that is set in the songName property. Drop your NMS file in the songs folder.
    It's also possible to play a playlist. Create a folder inside the songs folder and drop all the NMS files (songs) in that folder. Then set the type property to playlist and the songName property to the folder name.
    FIXED the /rr command. The tab-complete caused some bugs.
    ADDED a setNew property. You can add this property to the configuration of a section, radio or language and set it to true to let the item glow. A line that says "NEW" will also be added to the lore.
    ADDED a new command (/songcontrol) that allows you to skip, replay and pause your songs.
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