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  1. bStats

    Added bStats support. With bStats I'm able to check how many times my plugin is being used, where and lots more. You can disable it by going to: "plugins folder -> bStats -> config.yml -> set enabled to false".
  2. Meet RealRadio 3.0!

    Introducing RealRadio 3.0
    We all know it took a very long time for me to update this project. It actually has been done for quite a time, but I just haven't been able to update and upload it on Spigot.

    So as it's been already done for a long time, and I didn't work on it since then, I don't know all the things I've...
  3. GoBack Button is now configurable!

    Sorry for the quick updates! Every time I just forget one thing -.-

    This update only adds the ability to edit the displayName and the Lores of the goBack button in the config.
  4. Fixed a color bug

    Just fixed a bug that the first lore line of the GoBack button wasn't colored.
  5. Go back button + bug fixes

    Introducing version 2.9!

    This version isn't that big of an update, but a few things have been added/fixed.

    We fixed a bug that the RecentlyPlayed radios were reset everytime a player joined the server.
    Added a GoBack button. This button is located on the left side of the Close button (barrier). Left Click on it to go back to the previous page. Right click on it to go to the main page.

  6. HeadDatabase integration!

    Introducing version 2.8!

    This version only adds support for the HeadDatabase plugin. You are now able to use their heads in the GUI as material item. If you want to use their heads, set the MaterialItem of that...
  7. Recently Played

    Introducing version 2.7!
    This version adds an extra menu for a player's recently played radios. This menu can be opened by clicking the NoteBlock in the /realradio menu.​

    A new file, players.yml, has been created to store the players' recent radios.
    This feature was requested by @timr2000. If you have features you want to be added, PM me.
  8. Now 100% configurable!

    Introducing version 2.6!

    In this version, we fixed some text bugs of the modify modules (/rra)
    We fixed a bug that the config wasn't generated or empty
    We changed the getUpdateNotifications permission from dutchradio.updatemessages TO realradio.updatemessages
    We also removed some message between the switching of GUIs

    But there's one more, the most important of all:

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    Hello everyone!
    This is an IMPORTANT update!
    If you have a version lower than this one, remove it right now!

    The previous versions were only working for players who join the server at the SAME computer as where the server is hosted. This means that the plugin did not work for players other than the computer owner or for all servers who're using an online host.

    This update fixes those problems. Problems...
  10. Added an Amazing setup system!

    Introducing v2.4
    It took a long time for me to update my plugins as I was in the hospital. But now the update is finally here.

    This update adds an amazing setup system to the plugin. You can use the system by typing: /rra OR /realradioadmin. You will get a message with some arguments you can use.
    The setup system is fully automatically and you only have to type one command. The rest of the work will be done in the chat by typing the settings. The...