RealRadio| Create your own radios | GUI related | 1.9 - 1.12 | Added NoteBlockAPI support! 3.1.0

Listen to your favourite music stations with RealRadio!

  1. Added new stations to the Extension

    Added 24 pre-customized radio stations to the RealRadio-Extension. Download it HERE.
  2. EXTENSION + Fixes

    I've created an EXTENSION for this plugin. You can download it HERE . The Extension automatically adds some radios to the radios.yml. It will not override your own customized radios. Click the link to go to the page.

    a bug when having my Utilities plugin and this plugin enabled both. One of them would be automatically disabled.
  3. TabCompletion + New Command Arguments

    Added TabCompletion for the /radio command.
    Added new arguments to the /radio command: /radio <language> [section]. You can use this to open the radio GUI of a language or the GUI of a language>section.
  4. 1.13 support + fixes

    This version adds 1.13 support. Requested by @tigduwa
    Fixed a bug where you couldn't change items in your inventory.
  5. My mistake

    I accidentally forgot to register the command. It's fixed now so u can use it :)
  6. Custom radio's - 2.0

    There it is. The promised update of DutchRadio. The resource has been renamed to RealRadio because you can now add your own radio's and languages.
    You can customize the GUI items in the radios.yml file. In this file you can add your own languages, sections and radio's.

    This is an example of a radio station:
    Code (YAML):
    #Just copy the configuration below if you want to use it as an example.
    : # This is the...
  7. NOT an update! - Just an announcement of what's coming.

    What's coming:
    This resource will be renamed to "RealRadios"
    I will add different languages and make everything customizable (blocks, data, titles, lores etc.)
    You will be allowed to add your own radios under a specific country section.
    You will also be able to create your own countries.

    If you have any feature ideas, you can PM me...
  8. GUI fixes + Command fix

    Fixed all GUI errors when clicking outside the menu or clicking on an air item (empty item)
    Fixed the /radio command. I forgot to add the 100%NL to the command. Use /radio 100NL or /radio 100%NL
  9. Updater fix & new Station!

    Added a new radio station called 100% NL
    Fixed the spigot updater
  10. Updater

    Added a spigot updater. It will check if there's an update available on join. Give the player the permission "dutchradio.updatemessage" to allowe them to see the update message.