RealTimeMOTD | Unique MOTD plugin | MOTDs based on real dates | 1.7 - 1.13 1.1

RealTimeMOTD sends MOTDs based on the server host's date. Messages are fully customizable!

  1. Added support for yearly (special) dates

    We now support dates like 17-08 instead of 17-08-2018. This is essential for special dates that are always at the same date, like Christmas.

    There's also been added an overrideDateType. This type can be "NO_YEAR" or "FULL_DATE". This tells the plugin if it should select the short date (without year) or the full date (with year). This has been added in case you have a short and full date which are the same. Example: 17-08 and 17-08-2018.
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