RealtimeTranslation 2.1

Chat Translation & API using Google Translate

  1. inventivetalent
    RCT_logo_c.png RealtimeChatTranslation
    RealtimeChatTranslation is a Plugin that translates every Chat Message to the language a Player has specified.

    • Realtime Translation of Chat messages to the individual (configured) Language of every Player.
    • Simple API for implementation in other Plugins.
    • MySQL support to synchronize the Player languages over multiple Servers.

    Command -- Permission -- Description

    /rct setlang -- rct.setlang -- Changes your language

    /rct toggle [TargetPlayer] -- rct.toggle (rct.toggle.other) -- Toggles the Translations. optional: TargetPlayer to toggle the Translations of other Players

    /rct reload -- rct.reload -- Reloads the Configuration and all Player files

    -- rct.getTranslated -- Permission that the Message gets translated


    defaultLang -- Default Language for Players

    noTranslatePrefix -- Add this to the beginning of your message and it won't be translated

    UseMySQL -- If the Plugin should use MySQL

    MySQL -- MySQL Settings

    Host -- MySQL Host

    Port -- MySQL Port

    Database -- Name of the MySQL Database

    User -- MySQL Username

    Password -- MySQL Pasword

    To use the API just add the JAR-File to your project.

    Code (Text):

        public void onJoin(PlayerJoinEvent e) {
            RealtimeTranslationAPI api = new RealtimeTranslationAPI();

            api.getClientLanguage(e.getPlayer()); //Return the Players Client Language

            api.getLanguage(e.getPlayer()); // Returns the Language the Player specified in the Plugin

            api.getLanguageCode(e.getPlayer()); //Returns the Language Code of the Player (e.g. "en", "de")

            api.sendTranslatedMessage(e.getPlayer(), "Welcome to The Server!"); //Sends a Translated Message to the Player

            String playerTranslation = api.translate("Welcome to this Server", e.getPlayer()); //Returns the Translated String in the Players Language

            String languageTranslation = api.translate("Welcome to this Server", "de_DE"); //Returns the Translated String in the specified Language (in this case in German)

    This Plugin uses the GoogleTranslateAPI with a YQL response parser.

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    This plugin is not compatible with Spigot 1.8.3. Does not translate anything at all, even simple things like "Hola! Como estas?", let alone more complex or informal sentences. Looks really cool though! :(
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    nice plugin with many features and opportunities ;D
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    1.8 Constatible ?
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    Simply epic. Very good plugin you deserve 5 stars inventivetalent
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