Rebelwar - Zombie apocalypse v3.0.0

rebelwar is a zombie apocalypse with ranking and kits

  1. unisteven
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
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    What is Rebelwar?
    Rebelwar is a zombie apocalypse game with configurable ranks and kit items.

    if you kill zombies/players you will get points with those points you will automaticly rankup thus unlocking more kits to fight against zombies

    WARNING: if you are upgrading from an older version of rebelwar no progress will be moved over. this is because the entire system has changed and is not compatible with the older versions.

    It is recommended to run this on a sepperate server on a bungeecord network. be sure to enable bungeemode in the config!

    Made a server with rebelwar? also try out my other project:



    - /rw or /rebelwar (to see all commands)

    - /rw admin (to see all admin commands)
    - /rw join (to join the game)*
    - /rw leave (to leave rebelwar)*

    - /rw Team (rebelwar teams)
    - /rw ranks (shows all ranks)
    - /rw zombies (show all zombies)
    *- If you have bungeemode enabled in the config these commands will be disabled
    This is the default config:

    Code (Text):

    #Rebelwar Default configuration file.
    signName: "&c[&aRebelwar&c]"
    ScoreboardName: "&c[&aRebelwar&c]"
      - "&eXp: &f%lvl%"
      - "&eKills: &f%kills%"
      - "&eDeaths: &f%deaths%"
      - "&eZkills: &f%zKills%"
      - "&eCredits: &f%credits%"
      - "&eTeam: &f%team%"
      - "&eRank: &f%rank%"
      - "&eKitPower: &f[%used%/%max%]"
    #points given when player gets killed or kills another player:
      Lvl: 60
      Credits: 10
      Enabled: true
      OnlyNight: false
    Teams: true
    #Achievements: true
    #WheelOfFortune: true
    #LeaderBoard: true
    #  Normal: true
    #  Zombies: true
    AlwaysFullFood: true
    BungeeMode: false
    InfiniteDurability: true
      enabled: true
      item: NETHER_STAR
      name: "&3&bBACK/SUICIDE"
    Chat: true
      cooldown: 10
        xpPerMinute: 400
        Range: 40
        MaxXP: 2000
      playercountRange: 100


    Rebelwar.builder(allows you to build in the rebelwar world Default: OP) (Allows you to play the game)
    Rebelwar.admin (gives access to the /rw admin command)
    Rebelwar.setup (allows you to do /rw admin setup)

    Easy install?
    - Use the command /rw admin setup

    *this will download a map for rebelwar, setup all spawn points and configure necessary options in order to work.*

    for custom install:
    Step 1:

    - place the jar in your plugins folder
    - reload/restart the server
    Step 3
    - Edit the config and after editing you need to reload the server.
    Step 4
    - Create/import a sepperate world for rebelwar
    *the world must be named "rebelwar" (change the world name in the config to use a different world)*
    Step 5

    -Setup the spawn point using /rw admin setspawn
    *The spawn point must be set in the world called you just created*

    Step 6
    -Now you can setup the deploy points
    - /rw admin addDeploy {name}

    *All 6 points are required or the plugin wont function 100%*

    Your setup is done to test it out use /rw join

    - Zombie Mode
    * The will enable zombie spawning around the player while playing rebelwar, this adds some extra difficulty to the game

    - Scoreboard
    * you can enable or disable the scoreboard, the scoreboard displays some basic information, such as points, players online, deaths, Kills and zombie kills

    *If you have a bungeecord server and have a special server dedicated to rebelwar it is recommanded to have the bungeemode enabled.
    this will disbale the /rw join and /rw leave command.
    and it will make you force join rebelwar as soon as you join the server

    *if you enable this function you won't lose any food while fighting.

    -Custom kit
    *if you enable this function players can upgrade contents of their own custom kit

    *if you enable this function The rebelwar chat prefix will be shown if you play rebelwar

    *you can team up with others to be stronger*


    Do you have any questions/bugs/requests?
    Feel free to contact me:
    Discord: unisteven#5015
    Skype: steven.krol1
    Email: [email protected]

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    A special thanks to:
    - The Futurerealms build team for profiding me with the map(with the auto install)
    - Darthmineboy for helping me with certain bug fixes.
    - for hosting the files.

    - this plugin will not work with any plugins such as factions(you may lose faction power if you die in rebelwar)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mox
    Version: v2.2.3
    Love rebelwar, it was an amazing experiences with friends, i do highly recommend this plugin to play with people you know.++ voice communication would add fun to it.
  2. kadesa
    Version: v2.2.3
    Would like to be able to set more spawn points but other than that it is a good plugin. also being able to start the Rebelwar as a admin override would be nice for map testing.
  3. KurtMacRO
    Version: v2.1.1
    Hi, its a very good plugin...but...when I do /rw setup it makes the map an everyting but were are the deploy points?
    1. unisteven
      Author's Response
      The deploy points should auto setup.
      are there any errors while deploying?
  4. JoseGamer628
    Version: v2.1.1
    Es Excelente Plugin Muy Bueno Pero agradeceria Que Añadieran Una Lang Y Poder Modificar El ScoreBoard Lo Que Ganas Por Matar...
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    Version: v2.0.4
    The dev is super responsive and stays on top of eliminating/fixing any bugs that I have found. This plugin is definitely promising!