Reborn SimpleKitPvP 2015-12-01

Reborn SimpleKitPvP

  1. AniCraftHD
    CrazyLifeCrafter, coolguy4744
    I have reborn the plugin SimpleKitPvP:
    Because there dont go for 1.8.8 right and nothing update this plugin!

    I copy the Description and edit it with a new Kit!
    If you want that i add more Kits write me and when its good i put in in the next update!
    If you have ideas for the plugin! Dont wait and say the idea to me! :)

    Here :

    You can see the original page here:

    • Kit signs
    • Donator kits
    • Member kits
    • InstaSoup
    • NoHunger
    • Admin tools
    • NoDrop (Stops people from dropping items out of their inventory)
    • No items on death (When players die their kits do not drop)
    • Swordsman
    • Archer
    • Pyro
    • Tank
    • Ninja
    • Snowman
    Donator kits
    - IV

    • Ender
    • Legacy
    • DemiGod
    NOTE: If you have a server with multiple things I suggest that you only give the perms in the KitPvP or you could use this plugin to enable it in a certain world although that option takes up more resources then necessary. This is until I finish coding the arenas setup.

    Commands & Permissions
    /swordsman - Gives you the Swordsman kit. permission: simplekitpvp.kit.swordsman

    /archer - Gives you the Archer kit. permission: simplekitpvp.kit.archer

    /pyro - Gives you the Pyro kit. permission: simplekitpvp.kit.pyro

    /tank - Gives you Tank kit. permission: simplekitpvp.kit.tank

    /ninja - Gives you the Ninja kit. permission:

    /ninja - Gives you the Ninja kit. permission:

    /snowman - Gives you the Snowman kit. permission: simplekitpvp.kit.snowman

    /legacy - Gives you the Legacy kit. permission: simplekitpvp.kit.legacy

    /IV - Gives you the IV kit. permission: simplekitpvp.kit.iv

    /demigod - Gives you the Demigods kit. permission: simplekitpvp.kit.demigod

    /resetkit <player> - Removes a players kit. permission: simplekitpvp.resetkit

    /kits - Displays your currently available kits. permission: simplekitpvp.kits

    Other Permissions
    InstaSoup - simplekitpvp.soup

    Makes soup restore HP not hunger, and does it instantaneously.

    Hunger Disabled - simplekitpvp.nohunger

    Disables hunger for that group.

    NoDrop - simplekitpvp.nodrop

    If you have drop parties, don't at this to that group that hosts them. This is designed to stop uses from getting one kit, dropping it on the floor ==== and getting a second, thus' making a over powered kit. Set this for the normal players, not so much staff like Admins.

    Member Inventory Kit - simplekitpvp.inv.member

    Gives you coal when you either join the game or die and respawn, when clicked shows and allows you to use any member kit.

    Donator Inventory Kit - simplekitpvp.inv.donator

    Gives you a gold ingot when you either join the game or die and respawn, when clicked shows and allows you to use any donator kit.

    Creating a kit sign - simplekitpvp.sign.create

    Allows you to create a kit sign.

    Using a kit sign - simplekitpvp.sign.use

    Allows you to use a kit sign.

    Just drag and drop it into your plugins folder and reload/restart your bukkit server.

    How to create a kit sign?
    Place a sign, on the top row type in "[KitPvP], and on the second type in which kit you would like to make a sign for.



    The inventoryGUI is a new feature which I think makes this plugin stand out from others as you can either use signs, commands or even the inventory.





    ATTENTION I have not had time to update the plugin, however it should be compatible with 1.8. I have been very very busy lately and have just not had time. My studies and other commitments come first. I did finish customisable kits, yes; however it left a gaping hole which needs filling. It's not that I don't care, it's that I have had a lot going on in my life.

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  1. JayFromSubway
    Version: 2015-12-01
    This is a blatant copy paste of the original and all you did was recompile it and add a single kit.