RecipeRemover 1.1

Actually remove vanilla recipes such as hoppers

  1. RoboMWM
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Might work on older versions idk
    Hides or removes vanilla recipes.

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    If you're having trouble, please enable debug in the config and get a fresh server start log before reporting.

    Code (YAML):
    useRemoveMode: false
    - HOPPER
    If useRemoveMode is set to false, then this plugin will only "hide" and prevent usage of the specified recipes. If it's set to true, then it will actually remove the recipe. Please see the side effects to using this option listed below.
    The vanillaResultsToRemove list should contain the list of Material recipe results you wish to remove from the server. A list of valid Material enums can be found here:

    Notes and warnings for using remove mode:

    Setting useRemoveMode to true is slightly more efficient (since no listeners are required to check crafted recipes) and compatible with all recipe plugins that use the server's recipe registry since the recipes really are removed. This guarantees the recipes are removed and allows one to override the vanilla recipe results.

    Please do note that removing some recipes that are related to advancements may cause errors and warnings to be thrown when worlds are loaded/players join. It seems to cause no issues.I'm not sure how it affects advancements (other than obviously removing the possibility of obtaining the advancement for the involved recipe). It seems everything else is okay from the minimal testing I've done, and the plugins/worlds load despite the errors, so yea, just keep that in mind. If you're curious as to what's going on, enable debug in the config.

    Also, "advanced recipes" such as dying armor, crafting banner patterns, etc. will be removed and fail to work, since these are not actually bukkit recipes, and as such, are not exposed to the bukkit API.

    RecipeRemover must either be loaded on server start or when no players exist on the server, else it will refuse to attempt removal of recipes (doing so will corrupt the session of any logged in player, resulting in the server being unable to save anything they've done for that session.)

    Don't just block certain recipes, actually remove vanilla recipes from your server with RecipeRemover! No "hiding" or "blocking," but flat-out removal; thus, this is the most efficient and most compatible recipe removal plugin, since:[/LEFT]

    • No listeners are needed to check recipes as they're put in the crafting table, or to check the result of a craft.
    • Removed recipes won't appear in anything that uses the recipes registered in the server!
    Either I'm blind or I'm surprised a proper plugin for this doesn't exist. This is useful to use in conjunction with plugins like CustomItemRecipes when you want to override vanilla recipes. (Btw, now I know why such a plugin doesn't exist.)

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