RecipesGUI 2.03b

Inventory-based recipe listings.

  1. Jagarti
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    2.0 - After losing the original source code, this is a complete re-write of the plugin.
    - The original functionality still exists but some minor tweaks have been made. Each item can have up to 16 recipes of each type (shaped, shapeless, furnace) listed.
    - All plugin specific text can be customized in the "language.yml" file. (do not give the exact same name to any two inventory titles)
    - Auto-crafting non-furnace items, with permission, added.

    This plugin graphically displays item recipes in either a 3x3 crafting screen or a furnace screen. It currently supports 350+ vanilla recipes (MC 1.8, 1.9).

    • /recipe - Open a screen displaying all registered recipes for the item in hand. (Requires permission "recipesgui.hand")
    • /recipe <material_id_name> - Search for a recipe by Bukkit material name and open if successful. (Requires permission "")
    • /recipes - Open a multi-page inventory screen to select from. (Requires permission "recipesgui.list")

    While on the recipe list screen, left-click an item to see the registered recipes for that item. While on the recipe selection screen, left-click the item to view it's respective recipe. Left-clicking the result slot while viewing a non-furnace recipe will automatically craft the item for players with the permission "recipesgui.craft" while they have the appropriate inventory items. Right-clicking an inventory-slot while viewing a recipe will return to the listings for that item. Right clicking from that screen will either close the screen or open the full item list, depending on player permission level.

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Recent Updates

  1. minor bug fix
  2. event priority tweak
  3. significant bug fix

Recent Reviews

  1. atesin
    Version: 2.03b
    i think is a very good and original plugin, but is a little odd and now is terribly outdated, v2.03b throwed me an exception in all MC versions i tested

    Caused by: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.bukkit.event.inventory.InventoryClickEvent.getClickedInventory()Lorg/bukkit/inventory/Inventory;

    so i wrote another little different plugin that has additional features if you like variety -->
  2. _Luu
    Version: 2.03b
    Ey! good plugin, works for 11.2 to. No errors, no bugs. I like it :) ...............................
  3. MyBoy
    Version: 2.03b
    Very good plugin, this is awesome, Good Work!!! Idk wat say for the 100 characters XD The 100 characters are shit :v
  4. RobinTrevize
    Version: 2.03b
    I have only just today tested all this out but my players have been using it for a few weeks with no issues.
    Excellent little plugin! Integrated with CommandSigns it allows placing of "Tutorial Blocks" that players can click to learn the recipes! Brilliant!
  5. A_Fuzzy_Kitten
    Version: 2.03b
    Works just as it's supposed to. No bugs seen yet and it's extremely easy to use. No setup needed for vanilla crafting, just drag and drop.
  6. waacare
    Version: 2.03b
    Best Recipe plug ever! Author is active and very supportive. 2 thumbs up for going above and beyond expectations.
  7. Zomberr
    Version: 1.21b
    Would be better if you could change the command /recipes to /recipe :) Otherwise great work!
  8. SmeXhy
    Version: 1.21b
    Great plugin! Can you add translate and fix bug with infinite pagination? Thanks!
  9. Celebrimbor
    Version: 1.21b
    Super clean! Can't find any bugs. Survival safe. Great donor perk!
  10. Karo
    Version: 1.01b
    Awesome Plugin! Takes away the kids asking me how to craft something every 5 minutes without letting them loose on the internet to find the recipes. And a great reference for myself as well:). Appreciate it!