[RECODE! (Temp Grants)] RankGrant+ v3 ~ Give Ranks Through An Awesome GUI (/grant) 3.1.0

Give ranks with a reason and duration, all in an awesome GUI! Includes a logging system and more!

  1. Compatibility Commands- Support For All Vault Permission Plugins!

    This update features the ability to use the %target% placeholder in the GUI title, as well as compatibility commands.
    Many users have reported that certain permission plugins are not working properly with permission plugins like LuckPerms and PermissionsEx, so I have made it so you can add your permission plugin's commands in the configuration.yml.

    Please report any issues you encounter.
  2. HUGE 3.0 UPDATE! [Temporary Grants!]

    After an entire month of waiting, I am proud to announce...
    Yes, after almost an entire month, 3.0 has FINALLY BEEN RELEASED, featuring TEMPORARY GRANTS and more!!!
    Updating from v2? Please delete the "RankGrantPlus" folder in your "plugins" folder before using v3! RankGrant+ 3 contains many new configuration options, as well as new formats...
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  3. Global Ranks

    Fixed an issue where the player only got the rank in the current world. Grants from this update on are now global (unless otherwise specified).
  4. New Download Method

    The download method for this plugin has been changed. You will not be notified of an update in-game, this is considered a "Silent Update".
  5. Set Ranks, Reload Message Null Fix, and More

    Thank you for waiting patiently for this update! This update includes...

    • The ability to SET ranks to the player instead of ADDING the rank to the player. This fixes issues with GroupManager, and allows users who do not want players to have multiple ranks to use this plugin. https://github.com/Demeng7215/RankGrantPlus/issues/3
    • Fixed the message being "null" after configuration files reload.
    • Some other small stuff...

    Unfortunately, I couldn't remember every single person...
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