RecordPlugin | Record your players' activities 0.0.5

[ALPHA] With this plugin you can easily record and playback your player's activities

  1. NickNamer support

    v. 0.0.5:

    * [ADD] support for the NickNamer plugin: If you record a player with a nick / other skin, RecordPlugin will save it and playback with the same nick/skin (looking at you @melerpe )

    * [FIX] bug fix: playback player drops fake items when it's dying
  2. 1.8 Support / TP-Command

    * [ADD] new command:
    /playbacktp <name of playback> [<player>]
    * [FIX] Support for 1.8 server
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  3. Skin Update

    Yeah, after a loooong time, here's an update for the RecordPlugin:

    * ADDED: Recordings now show their player's name and skin

    under the hood, there are many things going on, so hopefully there are more frequent updates in the future!
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  4. I was silly

    I managed to upload an old, not fully functional version... Sorry for that!