RecruitMe 1.0

Allow players to recruit their friends and earn rewards like items or money.

  1. Herlex
    RecruitMe is a simple tool, which gives your players the ability to recruit friends to the server and earn some nice rewards, like money or items.
    Installation and Configuration
    1. Make sure you have installed Vault!
    2. Add the RecruitMe.jar into your plugins folder
    3. Setup the config, which can be found in plugins/recruitme/config.yml.
    4. Setup the permissions
    5. Happy recruiting!
    • Simple configuration and setup
    • Easy commands
    • Secure -> usable for cracked server
    • Earn money/items by recruiting a player
    • iConomy support
    1. The recruited player writes: /rm recruitedby <name>
    2. The recruiter writes: /rm accept <name>
    3. Both wait until the recruited player has a online-time of at least 1 hour (can be changed in config)
    4. The reward (which is also set in config) will be paied out to the friends!
    • /rm help - opens the help
    • /rm recruitedby <name> - the main recruit command
    • /rm accept <name> - accept the recruitment
    • recruitme.* - grants access to all RecruitMe commands
    • recruitme.recruitedby - grants access to the recruitedby command
    • recruitme.accept - grants access to the accept command
    You found a bug or only want to tell your idea about a new command/feature? Write us a comment or a PM!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Alry_FireBlade
    Version: 1.0
    it seems to work good but just a tinzy tiny bit is bad.
    The Player you want to reward must be online, and the time seems to have to set in Ticks. Maybe givt the convert Information in the Config to make it easyer to configurate.
  2. maariiio3
    Version: 1.0
    Exelent! I was looking for a plugin like this! Downloading
    1. Herlex
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :)