[Red Alert!] Anti-Redstone Lag Machines [w/ Notifications] 1.0

Help your staff deal with trolls on your EULA friendly server!

  1. gluebaby
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    • 1.16
    Introducing RedAlert!

    This is a simple, lightweight plugin that allows staff members to receive alerts regarding excessive redstone repeater usage in a small area, vital if running a redstone enabled survival, factions, or creative server.

    This plugin features a single configuration option, however it is all you need to get the full functionality of this plugin. Changing the "repeater-limit" field allows you to control the maximum amount of redstone repeaters allowed within a single chunk before alerts start being sent. By default this is set to 64, which is a bit on the high side, so you may need to experiment with this value to fit your needs.


    - /redalert #Shows help menu, root command.
    - /redalert toggle #Toggles alerts on and off on a per staff basis, helps with chat spam
    - /redalert reload #Reload the config
    - /redalert about #Display the plugins terms of use.


    "redalert.*" - #Root permission, grants access to all commands.
    "redalert.reload" - #Reload permission, grants access to /redalert reload.
    "redalert.alerts" - #Alerts permission, grants access to /redalert toggle, and shows alerts in chat.

    Screenshots: (Submit your own, dm me!)


    EULA Policy/Terms of Use (READ ME!):

    This plugin is intended for use ONLY on EULA compliant servers. Pay 2 Win servers (offering unfair ranks, abilities, items, etc to paying players compared to unpaying) will not receive any support for this plugin (or any of my plugins henceforth). If you are on a server that is violating these terms of use and using this plugin, run /redalert about and click the link to private message me. For everybody else, enjoy, use as you like, don't redistribute, don't claim as your own, etc.

    Bug Reports/Requests:

    PM me or reply to this thread with bug reports or feature requests, DON'T leave a negative review if something is not working right. Thanks!

Recent Reviews

  1. 1DarkWarrior1
    Version: 1.0
    This is a really nice plugin i used for lag machines but rather then just detecting it u should add that if the redstone/redstone repeator/or anything goes above that value the redstone should get deleted or should not work. pls add it :)