Redeem 1.0.1

Good for mcmmo and other stuff!

  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    Redeem was made to work as an API aswell as was mainly designed to work alongside Mcmmo as vote perk.

    How does it work?
    You can make this plugin work in 2 ways.
    Either the build in API or use the commands.

    For none developers:

    Since you don't have access to your own plugin program and therefor the API this plugin has an add command that allows other plugins that don't use the api to still use its commands by simply making your console perform "addcredits <player> <amount>" or "{name} 1" depending on the type of plugin used.

    For example Enjin uses {name} while other plugins use <player>.

    For those that do create their own plugins simply add the following:

    *Make sure this plugin is in your build before trying these actions.*

    Player p = "the player"
    Credits.addcredits(p); *To add credits for that player*
    Credits.takecredits(p); *To take credits*
    Credits.credits(p); *To check the players balance*

    Code (Text):
      prefix: '&3[&9Redeem&3]'
      noperm: '&4You don''t have permission for this command'
      console: '&3Only players can use this!'
      addcredits: '&3Succesfully given &9{0} {1} &3points'
      syntaxerror: '&9/{0} <player> <amount>'
      notonline: '&3Player &9{0} &3is not online'
      number: '&3Must be a number!'
      numbertolow: '&3Number cannot be negative!'
      creditssend: '&3You have just given &9{0} {1} &3credits'
      creditsrecieved: '&3You just recieved &9{0} &3Credits'
      toomanyargs: '&3Too many arguments in your statement'
      zerocredit: '&3Player &9{0} &3already has &90 &3credits!'
      removecredits: '&3You have taken &9{0} &3credits from &9{1}&3''s bank'
      credits: '&3You currently have &9{0} &3credits'
      targetcredits: '&9{0} &3has &9{1} &3credits'
      redeemerror: '&3Correct Syntax: &9/redeem <skill> <credits>'
      invalidskill: '&3Thats not a valid skill'
      skillpointslow: '&3You don''t have that many points'
      max: '&3You already reached max level in &9{0}&3!'
      skilladd: '&3You added &9{0} &3points to the &9{1} &3skill'
      joinmsg: '&3You have &9{0} &3credits to spend.'
      jmsg: '&3for more help try &9/rmhelp&3.'
      - '&3=====[&9Version&3]====='
      - '&3Plugin Version: &91.0'
      - '&3Author: &9Scorpionvssub'
      - '&3Plugin name: &9Redeem'
      - '&3=====[&9Version&3]====='
      - '&9/redeem version/<skill> <amount> &3- Redeem your points'
      - '&9/credits [player] &3- Check your own or [player]''s points'
      - '&9/rmversion &3- Shows the version for this plugin'

    Code (Text):
    rd.take - To take credits *op*
    rd.give - To give credits *op*
    rd.use - To use /redeem *Default*
    rd.credits - To check credit balance *Default*

    Code (Text):
    - addcredits <player> <amount>
    - takecredits <player> <amount>
    - credits
    - rmhelp
    - redeem <skill> <amount>

    As with all my plugins if you change the code or config sections where i advice not to change anything i won't give any support when it breaks.

    That being said its a simple plugin.

    I like to make my plugins as configurable as possible so you can make it as much as your own as possible because i know from personal experience how annoying it is to have standard messages that cannot be changed in color or even text. Especially languages.

    If you lilke this plugin leave a comment because i do work hard on these.
    If there are bugs in the plugin my advice is not to leave a review with the bug not because of a bad review but because you won't be able to respond if your bug repot isn't clear enough.

    Reasons could be:
    - Language barrier
    - Insufficient information about the bug.

    Servers running this plugin:

    - You are not allowed to distribute this plugin and claim it as your own.
    - You are allowed to decompile it but not allowed to recompile it and redistribute under your name.
    - You are not allowed to sell this plugin.
    - You are allowed to put this on other websites aslong as you give me credit or a link to this page.

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