Redeemables 1.0.3

Generate redeem-codes players can use to get items, and other things! Perfect for giveaways!

  1. Abraxas
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    • 1.16
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    Steel_Dev (Reals7eel)
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    Redeemables is a plugin that allows you to create Redeem Codes.
    You can give these codes specific actions- you can create your own in the config!
    These actions will execute when the created code is redeemed by a player.

    You can give items, or simply run a command!

    This is perfect for giveaways! Want to give the giveaway winner something special, but you don't want to have to always be there, or have an admin there to give the reward? simply setup a code, and give it to the winner, and they can redeem it and get the reward whenever they can!
    Keep in mind, each Code can only ever be redeemed by each player once. Even if the code has a million max uses.
    Upon creating a redeem, it automatically generates a unique code for it.

    How to Install:
    Step 1:
    Download it.
    Step 2: Put it in Plugins Folder
    Step 3: Reload (or restart, restart recommended)
    Step 4: Done!

    • Redeem-Codes users can Redeem for set rewards
    • Custom code "types" to define the actions of a Code upon it being redeemed
    • Ability to execute any command when a code is redeemed
    • Ability to give an item when a code is redeemed
    • Codes can have set parameters upon creation, eg max amount of times it can be redeemed, 1-infinity, the amount of the reward that will be given, the type the code is, and it's display name.


    /redeem <code> - Redeem a code for the reward (Alias: rd)
    /redeemablesreload - Reload the config (Alias: rdreload)
    /redeemablesadmin <sub command> - Manage administration aspects of the plugin, create new codes, delete codes, etc (Alias: rdadmin)
    Valid Sub Commands for Admin command:
    testgen - Test generate a code
    createnew <type> <max uses> <amount> <name> - Create a new code
    remove <code> - Remove an existing code
    list - List all available codes
    announce <code> - Announce a code in chat for online players to see and redeem.

    Feel free to leave a review, but do not report issues within one. And please leave reviews to be plugin-related.

    If you run into any issues, please do not put them in a review, or DM me. Report it on the Github repos issue tracker.
    Support & Suggestions:
    If you need support or help, or want to suggest an idea, join my discord.

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