Redeemables 1.0.3

Generate redeem-codes players can use to get items, and other things! Perfect for giveaways!

  1. Update #3

    This is a smallish update, just some small things I overlooked mainly.

    Added auto tab completions for Code Types when creating a code.
    Added the ability to do spaces in the display name of a code, if you wish to do a space, put a '_' (underscore) in-between the words.

    Changed color system, it now allows for Hex...
  2. Update 2

    Due to the changes and additions, you may want to delete the config and your existing codes and recreate them.

    Added the ability to have a Prefix for your codes (Configurable)
    Added the ability to change the codes length (Configurable - Short, Medium and Long)
    Added the ability to make a code have infinite uses (for the Max Redeem part when creating a code, put 'inf', 'infinite' or...​