RedisStats 1.1

Use Redis for stats such as kills and deaths!

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    Note: This plugin will NOT work without a Redis Server! This plugin also only supports 1.7. No 1.6!

    This plugin is meant more as a tutorial than to be used on an actual server (It is still fully functional for that) You can find the source code HERE It is heavily commented and I tried to make use of the different Redis features (Like pipelining!) even if it was not 100% needed in that situation :) It uses Redis Hashes with the key as the players UUID, and it uses hIncr to increment the hash! I am open to requests on other stat tracking options if you would like! This plugin is 100% configurable (see below)

    How to set up a Redis server:
    If you are using Debian or Ubuntu, you can simply run apt-get install redis-server as root (Or sudo)
    Read the official Redis page for information:
    You may also need to allow connections to Redis remotely if it is on a different machine. To do so, check your /etc/redis/redis.conf, and make sure to change the default bind to bind and restart it with service redis-server restart
    Also note that this plugin can call to Redis very often, especially with a lot of players online! Make sure your Redis server is running on decent hardware! (No 10 year old potatoes please) With proper hardware and optimizations, it's possible to squeeze even a million requests per second to Redis!! (

    • Kill/Death stats
    • Block break stats
    • Server join stats
    • 100% configurable
    • Open to any stat tracking requests you would like! PM me or respond to resource discussion!
    The config is fairly simple and self explanatory

    Code (Text):
    #Server IP - If not localhost you are going to need to allow remote connections in Redis Config
    #Redis port - Default is 6379
    redis-port: 6379
    #Collect kill and death stats
    kill-death-stats: true
    #Collect join stats
    join-stats: true
    #Collect block break stats
    block-breaks: true
    #Collect blocks placed stats
    blocks-placed: true
    • Shooting me a quick PM or responding on the discussion will most likely suffice!

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