RedProtect Anti-Grief | Server Protection | Region Management [1.7-1.16+] 7.7.2

Anti-Grief, Server Protection, Spawn Protection

  1. FabioZumbi12
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    Using KCauldron/Thermos? Use the version 7.5.6
    Download HERE!


    Dev Builds:

    Chat with us on Discord:

    For issues, use our GitHub

    Complete Antigrief plugin supporting UUIDS, Mysql, YML and supporting OFFLINE servers too:

    Using Cauldron? The best AntiGrief plugin to you protect your machines and MOD itens/chest is RedProtect!

    Confirmed support for this builds:​

    Brasileiro ou português? Descrição em Português

    RedProtect World is an area protection plugin made for users. No longer do you need to have an admin worldguard a region for you. The user can take care of themselves now.


    Special Features:
    • NEW: Allow your players to choose what type of animal/monster can spawn in a region with a flag GUI. You can use the TranslationAPI to auto translate the mob names on GUI;​
    • Allow your players to start on your server with a prefab house using schematics;​
    • Can deny/allow Elytra per world and if allowed, configurable boost per world too;​
    • Admin flags for enter/exit events, invincible, effects, deny enderpearl and command execution on enter/exit, and other exclusive Admin Flags;​
    • Can deny interaction with any KCauldron mods, including machines and systems, allowing only for members and owners of region;​
    • Can deny players to walk with MagicCarpets on protected regions;​
    • Can deny players to use /sethome or /home inside regions;​
    • Can deny pets from MyPet plugin to kill animals inside other regions;​
    • Can deny McMMo and SkillAPI leveling and abillity usage inside regions;​
    • Convert all regions from famous plugins GriefPrevention and MyChunk to RedProtect;​
    • Can deny player to use /back command in regions with this flag;​
    • When you create a PvP Arena, you can set the flag "pvparena" to allow only players with /pvp (from PvPManager) enabled to stay on that region;​
    • Regen player regions with one command or if player is away for x days (using WorldEdit);​
    • Change your region flag values using signs:​
    • You can use a visual gui to change the player flag values with total customization of messages, description and item icon:​
    • New interface for FlagGui, with separators and layout editor:​
    • Friendly listing of regions, separated by worlds and colors, and optional Hover and clicking on region name to teleport to region:​

    Other Features:
    • 1.9.2+ Elytra allowed per world and Boost per world too;​
    • Add all Clan members on region in one click (SimpleClans).
      Your players can create fast region protections with fences and redstone;​
    • Global flags for wilderness;​
    • Your can create fast cities and towns makin a big region, and othes regions inside this and allowing others players to be owner of this regions without remove you as owner of this regions.​
    • Protect all your stuff inside your region, including chests, armor stands, banners, doors, passive animals, and farms.​
    • Can deny Lava and Water flows, and fire spread/damage.​
    • Own [Private] protection for chests, furnaces, hoppers, dispensers and droppers for this items inside or outside regions;​
    • Can set welcome messages, and see other info regions when enter on it, and this messages can be showed using BossBarApi.​
    • Set a default limit for region size or claim limit protection for each player or group using permissions.​
    • Automatic backups, and save. Even if your server crashes, people will retain their protections.​
    • Protects from sky to bedrock or you choose from min. y and max. y size for your regions.​
    • Purge and Selling system do remove/put to sell all old and away players regions from server with option to whitelist player to don't remove their regions(Sell regions is alpha);​
    • The database works with editable 'YML' or 'Mysql'.​
    • Additional protection for offline servers mode, to deny player to enter with nicknames with diferences between Capitalization. Example: If the player enter with FabioZumbi12, no one player cant enter with FABIOZUMBI12 or fabiozumbi12. Need plugin Essentials.​
    • Open source license. Source is available through github. Link!

    Add-ons are plugins extending or adding new RedProtect functionalities.
    Available Add-ons:
    • Killer Projectiles: Adds a flag `killer-projetile` to make any projectile fired form a regions be killer or do the damaged set on config;
    • Buy/Rent Regions: Allow to buy/rent and sell RedProtect regions;
    On downloads pages you can check every add-on Wiki and how to use!
    Downloads: RedProtect Add-ons

    For detailed permissions see our wiki page: Click here to go!

    Border Visualization:
    New border visualization with customizable particles and intensity!

    WECUI Visualization:
    If you is using WECUI, you can visualize your region limits on select or on claim.

    Use the command /rp select-we or /rp swe (permission ****) select the edges of your region with WorldEdit, and show the region on WECUI.

    Dynmap Cuboids:
    Now Redprotect will automatically show your player RPs on dynmap. You dont need to do nothing and dont need to install any other plugin, all is embedded on RedProtect.

    Region Areas:

    You can change all options for Dynmap hook on Redprotect config.yml:

    Code (Text):

    dynmap {
            cuboid-region {
                # Cuboid region config.
            # Enable hook to show all regions on dynmap plugin?
            # Hide the Redprotect tab group by default?
            # If you use another region mark plugin.
            marker {
                player {
                    # Pick a color:
                    # Pick a color:
                    # Icon name to show under regions. All icons are available here:
                server {
                    # Pick a color:
                    # Pick a color:
                    # Icon name to show under regions. All icons are available here:
            marker-icon {
            # Group name to show on hide/show tab map.
            player {
                border {
                fill {
            server {
                border {
                fill {
            # Show icons under regions.
            # Show names under regions.
            # Show leaders and admins on hover?
    All icon names are here: Dynmap Icons

    Buy/Rent regions:
    Now RedProtect has a compatible plugin to buy/rent regions!
    Download and follow the instructions on plugin page: BuyRegion

    Video tutorials:
    Video tutorial in PTBR showing how to claim using fences - By FabioZumbi12 tutorial [Excelent quality]

    Usin plugin and adding/removing members to region (ES):

    Video tutorial (thanks to jithin):

    Video tutorial by Luisomar:

    RedProtect player messages its 100% translatable. You can help to translate GUI and Lang messages HERE!
    You can send your translate version using the comments or openning a ticket or with a github PR.

    Licence Note:
    The original owner of this plugin ikillforeyou give me the permission to continue this amazing plugin.
    The source licence can be found here.

    Use the GitHub Issues section for report any issues or suggestions.
    For other questions use our Discord.

    Servers using this plugin:
    • Area Z12 Server - ip: - Economy Survival/PVP with PETs​
    • ActionCraft - ip:
    • Grandiala - ip: - 24/7 survival server​
    • MawobiNetwork - ip: - 24/7 Survival Economy with Events​
    • LethalTactics - ip: - 24/7 Survival Economy​
    • Radcraft - ip: - Survival Economy with Minigames​
    • TheBasic - ip: - Survival​
    • SuperMinecraft - ip: - Survival + Minigames (with Clan x Clan)​
    • I-Network - ip: - Survival Economy​
    • Mysteryoncraft - ip:
    • Elegans - ip:
    • FreeCraft - ip:
    • Megamine - ip:
    • AlterZero - ip: - Survival Economy​
    • Arkmos Studio - ip:
    • Golden Galaxy - ip:
    • Anjay - ip :
    • The Miners - ip:

    Want you server listed here and exposed to all player visiting this page? Leave your server on comments.

    Optional dependency:
    This plugin works and protect itens and can deny interactions with this plugins bellow. See what interactions RedProtect can do with this plugins:

    ProtocolLib - To hide GUI flag item stats and damage;
    BossbarAPI - Show messages when enter and exit regions;
    ActionBarAPI - Show messages when enter and exit regions on actionbar;
    Dynmap - View the region limits on map;
    EssentialsX - Can deny /home, /sethome and /back on regions;
    Grief Prevention - Can convert GP lands to RedProtect;
    MagicCarpet and FlyingCarpet - Can deny /mc and Magic Carpets walk on regions;
    mcMMO - Can deny Level UP and blood animals inside regions;
    MyChunk - Can convert from MyChunk to RedProtect;
    MyPet - Can deny MyPets in regions, and deny MyPet to hurt other animals in other regions;
    PvPManager - Can deny players with /pvp off to enter on certain regions like PvP arenas;
    SkillAPI - Can deny Level UP inside regions;
    Vault - To use with economy commands;
    Factions - To deny claim under RP regions;
    TranslationAPI - To translate flag GUI items;

    Donate and Help:
    Do you like this plugin and want more and more features?
    You can make a donation:

    What you think to make plugins for your server like RedProtect?

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    Isso é LIXO, o desenvolvedor abandonou o plugin e também não responde a ninguém em seu grupo do Discord.
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    This is GARBAGE, the developer has abandoned the plugin and also doesn't respond to anyone in his Discord group.
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    I just wait 1.17 plugin Because this plugin is very important for my server

    just wait 1.17 plugin Because this plugin is very important for my server
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    hello can you help me? on my server I have the red protect plugin and it doesn't spawn slimes sorry for the google translator
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