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Anti-Grief, Chat protection, Spawn Protection

  1. Fix mysql errors

    RedProtect 7.5.2 b116

    ONLY FOR 1.13 - FOR 1.12.2 USE THE VERSION 7.4.1 - build 110
    For start using on 1.13, you need to update your guiconfig.yml to new itemnames;

    • Fix mysql erros;
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  2. First release for 1.13

    RedProtect 7.5.0 b112

    ONLY FOR 1.13 - FOR 1.12.2 USE THE VERSION 7.4.1 - build 110
    • First release for 1.13;
    • Updated to latest MyPet version 3.0;

    For start using on 1.13, you need to update your guiconfig.yml to new itemnames;
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  3. Final build for 1.7.10 - 1.12.2

    RedProtect 7.4.1 b110
    • This is last version supporting 1.7.10 - 1.12.2. For 1.13 use the new version upload today (or uploading);
    • This version has some bugfixes and latest additions following our discord/github issues and suggestions;
    • Check all bugfixes and news on our jenkins https://host.areaz12server.net.br:8080/job/RedProtect/changes
  4. Big Update

    RedProtect 7.3.0 b68
    • Universal version: One jar for all versions and bungeecoord;
    • Added permissions for enter/exit flags;
    • Updated API, check wiki for new API. (will break all plugins depending of redprotect, update with caution);
    • Fix for enter/exit messages;
    • Fix time value to show border blocks;
    • Added addFlag() to allow other plugins to add custom flags;
    • Added option to allow more blocks to be break if...
  5. New flag and optional protocollib

    Version 7.2.2 (b435):
    • Added flag set-portal, to set a region as teleport-region (on enter on region);
    • Make protocollib as optional dependency;
    • Moved njbt libs to a redprotect package;
  6. Crops fix and better configuration

    RedProtect 7.2.1 - Build 430
    Main Additions:
    • Fix some crops cant be break by region owner;
    • Deny player to use /rp kick when in war;
    • A better and self explanatory and commented configuration;
    • Added global flag to deny player break crops;
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  7. Some additions, fixes, and new flag!

    RedProtect 7.2.0 - Build 414
    Main Additions:
    • Added /rp kick to kick player from regions and temporary deny to enter on this region;
    • Added flag build;
    • Improved enter flag related to only execute comands if player really can enter, including mounting entyties allowing enter on regions where cant (like mount on pokemons);
    • Fixed region limits;
    • Added option to define if limits is per worlds or not;
    • A lot of fixes (some of new...
  8. Added some features

    Version 7.1.4:
    • Added new globalflags. See wiki;
    • Now player can use the command /rp redefine <region> to resize your regions (latter allowed only for admins);
    • Added command /rp p1/p2 to set wand positions withour wand tool (useful for redefine);
    • Improved Mysql system;
    • Some bugfixes, including world and player iceform flags;
  9. Some more fixes

    Version 7.1.2 (b311):
    • Fix Mysql leader problens (sorry);
    • Try to fix some other bugs with claim and reflection;
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  10. Using JAVA 8! Fix compat with a mod.

    Version 7.1.2 (b308):
    • Added option to disable elytra-boost. Set "elytra-boost" to "-1" on globalflags.yml.
    • Regions listing will show region names ordered.