Redstone Doors 1.0

Allows a couple advanced doors, without a lot of lag or complex knowledge

  1. hidden1nin
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Hello, thank you for viewing my little plugin. It is in its early development at the moment and only has a couple features, but i still wanted to share them!
    To begin with you can create a basic door by placing a piston facing down.
    The next step is to place an iron or emerald block on top and then a few blocks below the piston. Here is an image for reference,


    and once you power the piston it will open or close the door!


    I hope to eventually add horizontal doors and some other multiblock structures, but for now I think this is a great starting point.

    The config file is fairly simple and contains the following

    Code (YAML):
    allowing you to block certain blocks from being moved by the doors.

    if there is any issues feel free to join my little discord or dm me directly at Hidden1nin#9457