RedstoneCommand | Fully Configurable | Toggle-able effects 1.0.5

Automate your Redstone | Supports ALL versions

  1. PCPSells
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    brammetje85 (Testing)

    Features »
    • Lightweight.
    • Never lose an RSC with the teleport feature.
    • Use redstone completely automated.
    • Permissions for practically everything.
    • Ability to toggle or directly set any RSC on/off with 1 command.
    • Toggle all messages for a specified RSC for a clean chat/console.
    • Active developer.
    • All versions are supported! :)
    • Free ;)(y)

    Commands »


    List »

    (This message is completely configurable)

    Permissions »


    RSC.messages.admin » View administrative messages.
    RSC.teleport.(rsc name) » Teleport to a specified RSC.
    RSC.teleport.* » Teleport to any RSC.
    RSC.list.* » View all available RSC's.
    RSC.delete.(rsc name) » Delete a specified RSC.
    RSC.delete.* » Delete any RSC.
    RSC.toggle.(rsc name) » Usage to sub-commands 'toggle, on & off' for a specified RSC.
    RSC.toggle.* » Usage to sub-commands 'toggle, on & off' for any RSC.
    RSC.setmsg.(rsc name) » Toggle messages for a specified RSC.
    RSC.setmsg.* » Toggle messages for any RSC.
    RSC.reload-files » Ability to reload both the messages & settings.yml's.


    RSC.signs.create » Ability to create RSC signs.
    RSC.signs.break » Ability to break RSC signs while crouching.

    Signs »

    • Create

    Note » You can make [rsc] whatever
    you want in the settings.


    • Delete

    When you break a sign:

    Config »
    There is no config.yml file.

    Instead there are 2 files that separate messages from
    the functionality of the plugins workings. Below is the 2
    files so you can see exactly what is configurable.

    Messages »

    Prefix: '&8(&b!&8) &3&l»'
    Header: ' &f&m+----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&8( &cRSC &8)&f&m----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----+'
    Footer: ' &f&m+----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&f&m----&3&m----&f&m----+'
    No-Permission: '%prefix% &fSorry, but you don''t have permission to do that.'
    Reloaded: '%prefix% &fYou''ve reloaded the &8''&amessages.yml&8'' &f& &8''&asettings.yml&8''
    Players-Only: '%prefix% &fSorry, but only players can use that command.'
    Teleported-To-RSC: '%prefix% &fYou''ve teleported to the &a%name% &fRSC.'
    RSC-Does-Not-Exist: '%prefix% &fSorry, but the RSC &c%name% &fdoesn''t exist.'
    RSC-Already-Exists: '%prefix% &fSorry, but the RSC &c%name% &falready exists.'
    RSC-Already-On: '%prefix% &fSorry, but that RSC is already on.'
    RSC-Already-Off: '%prefix% &fSorry, but that RSC is already off.'
    RSC-Deleted: '%prefix% &fYou''ve deleted the &a%name% &fRSC.'
    No-RSCs-Exist: '%prefix% &fSorry, but there''s no available RSC''s.'
    Delayed-RSC: '%prefix% &fYou''ve delayed the &a%name% &fRSC.'
    RSC-Created: '%prefix% &fYou''ve created an RSC named &a%name%&f.'
    RSC-Created-Note: '%prefix% &fActivated Torch Material will face &a%direction%&f.'
    Possible-Directions: '%prefix% &fYou provided an invalid direction. &8(&aNORTH&f,
    &aEAST&f, &aSOUTH&f, &aWEST&f, &aUP&f, &aDOWN&f, &aNORTH_EAST&f, &aNORTH_WEST&f,
    &aSOUTH_EAST&f, &aSOUTH_WEST&8)'
    Defaulted-To-0-Delay: '%prefix% &fSorry, but &c%not-an-integer% &fisn''t an integer.
    Delay has been set to &a0 &fby default.'
    Must-Be-Sneaking: '%prefix% &fSorry, but you must be sneaking to delete RSC''s.'
    Can-Also-Use-Command: '%prefix% &fYou can also use &e/rsc delete (name)&f.'
    Not-A-Boolean: '%prefix% &fSorry, but &c%usage% &fisn''t a boolean. &8(&atrue&7/&afalse&8)'
    - '%prefix% &fThese are the available RSC''s&8:'
    - '%prefix% %list%'
    Teleport: '%prefix% &fUsage &3&l» &e/rsc tp (name)'
    Reload: '%prefix% &fUsage &3&l» &e/rsc reload'
    Delete: '%prefix% &fUsage &3&l» &e/rsc delete (name)'
    Toggle: '%prefix% &fUsage &3&l» &e/rsc toggle (name)'
    'On': '%prefix% &fUsage &3&l» &e/rsc on (name)'
    'Off': '%prefix% &fUsage &3&l» &e/rsc off (name)'
    Show-Message: '%prefix% &fUsage &3&l» &e/rsc showmsg (name) (true/false)'
    Dev: '%prefix% &fUsage &3&l» &e/rsc dev'
    'On': '%prefix% &fYou''ve &a&lEnabled the &a%name% &fRSC.'
    'Off': '%prefix% &fYou''ve &c&lDisabled the &a%name% &fRSC.'
    'On': '%prefix% &fMessages have been &a&nEnabled&f for the &a%name% &fRSC.'
    'Off': '%prefix% &fMessages have been &c&lDisabled&f for the &a%name% &fRSC.'

    Settings »

    Command-Format: ' &3&l» &e%command% &3&l» &f%usage%'
    RSC-List-Format: '&a%name%&f, '
    Activated: REDSTONE_TORCH_ON
    Disabled: AIR
    Enabled: true
    Torch-Toggled-On: REDSTONE
    Torch-Toggled-Off: CLOUD
    Label: '[rsc]'

    Servers »
    » Play.AsylumCloud.US (My Server)

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