ReferenceKeys 2.1

Share keys and get rewards inviting people

  1. ReferenceKeys 2.1

    + Added fully prefix customization ---> Remember to put something like "&4[&3ReferenceKeys&4]" (New default) in the config to customize the plugin.
  2. ReferenceKeys 2.0

    * Check system changed ----> Now it works with the ip of the players
    + Added IP file ----> This file contains all the ips of the players, included the players with multiaccount.
    + Added Bukkit versions (1.8.8)

    This version shouldn't have fails. Thanks to Ismati for giving me a testing server. Thanks to NumeroUno for doing a tutorial of one of my plugins.
  3. Reference Keys 1.2

    * Bugs Fixed:
    - Max-reached didn't work perfectly ----> Fixed
    - ReferenceKeys didn't give money to offline owners :
    - Wait.yml is a file that save the money got when an owner is offline.
    - If an owner joins the game, if he's on this file, will get the money, and the player will be removed from the file.
    + Player info: Get the keys of a player with /rkplayer (player)
    + Max-activation: Put a max for the quantity of keys that someone can activate.
    + Added dependency:...
  4. ReferenceKeys 1.1

    * Fixed a lot of bugs
    + Added version Java 7 and 8
    * Fixed problems of Max Reached and errors of NPE

    Thanks to MrpYA45 for become my BetaTester in this plugin.
  5. ReferenceKeys 1.0

    ReferenceKeys for 1.8.8 Spigot
    Java 1.7