ReferralReward 1.0

Let players refer other players to the server for currency

  1. yamerins
    Easily Set a Reward for Referring a Player to the Server!

    - Simply use /refer <player> to refer the player. This will log the sender's UUID and the player's name to the config. The referred player cannot be the sender or someone who was already played on the server. You also can't refer a player more than once at a time.

    - When a player first joins the server, if they are listed in the config as being referred, they will receive the reward as will the sender of the command!

    Note that this does not send any sort of message to the referred player. You need to refer them personally outside the server.

    Conifg options that are important: ReferralReward. This is how much the player and the sender will receive.
    The other config option is just for storage. Tampering with anything in that will cause the tampered with items to become useless to the plugin.

    This plugin is compatible with vault. It depends on it. It does not require a specific currency plugin though.

    That's about it.​

Recent Reviews

  1. Bryan_Ponce
    Version: 1.0
    Simple, Easy to understand.

    Can you make it configurable:
    "The referred player cannot be the sender or someone who was already played on the server"

    so players can reffer players that have already played on the server?
    You go into a group, send the ip on a forums, or something.
    You don't know their username until they join the server...
    It'd just be an extremely nice feature.
    Also, a GUI for when you join the server, or when someone says they reffered you. Or when someone sends a command saying that they reffered you while you are on the server.

    GUI Name: Did {REFFER} refer you to this server?
    GreenWool: YES
    RedWool: NO
    YellowWool: Maybe/Ignore/CloseMenu

    A command so players can say they were refereed by this person.
    "Check out this server! 123.456.789:0000 when you join do the command /referredby ThePirateGaming !"

    Configurable commands and aliases?
    RefferCommand: 'refer {player}; ref {player}'
    RefferedByCommand: 'refferedby {player}; rfb {player}'

    GUI On join
    "Were you referred to this server by someone?"
    - (YES|NO)
    - "Was it one of these players?" (Opens GUI of all online players)
    - "Please select who, if not online use the command /refferedby {PLAYER}"

    - "Click Action:"
    - give {referrer} diamond 32 (Offline support)
    - broadcast Thank you {referrer} for referring this server to {referred}!
    - give {referred} diamond 16
    - broadcast Thank you {referred} for joining the server!

    Just a "few" ideas while I have them in my head ;)

    Nice plugin, I hope you implement some of these ideas!


    Just checked out the plugin, It doesn't seem that flexible.
    How about run commands instead of just currency rewards?
    - 'give {REFERRER} diamond 16'
    - 'give {REFERED} diamond 8'
    - 'manuadd {REFERRER} diamond 1'

    Cumulative reffers? This would be a really nice idea
    - 'eco give {REFERRER} 1000'
    - 'manuadd {REFERRER} supporter '
    - 'broadcast {REFERRER} referred 5 players!'
    1. yamerins
      Author's Response
      Some of your ideas are really fantastic and I will get around to implementing when the necessary time presents itself. However, the /referredby command could be abused. Even if you weren't referred by a player, most players would still say they were just for free currency. I already have thought about this. If you can think of a better way to implements this so its LESS abusable, let me know :)