RefinedSleeping 1.22.15

RefinedSleeping allows the one player to sleep instead of everyone!

  1. Polarcraft
    Why choose RefinedSleeping?
    Well when I made RefinedSleeping it was to allow players to sleep when multiple are on. My objective while making this was to make it as simple as possible. And well this is as simple as I could have made it.

    Are there any commands we have to type?
    No, all you have to do is try to sleep. Once in your bed it may take up to 15 seconds to change the time to day. So be warned that it might take a maximum of 15 seconds.

    If you ever need support the best way to get a hold of me is either through PMS or over irc.

    Question: Why am I being spammed with messages about sleep?
    Answer: Type "/gamerule sendCommandFeedback false" - should fix it.