ReformCloud V2 2.0.2

Not just a cloud system but an experience

  1. Version 2.0.2

    [+] Better network system
    [+] Per-Group settable shutdown commands
    [+] Fixed velocity download
    [+] Added possibility to auto-update cloud
    [+] Added possibility to list enabled addons
    [+] Added possibility tp update addons (automatically)
    [+] Possibility to disable player-sample nd player-info in command addon
    [+] Added `/cloud copy`
    [+] Possibility to use domain names instead of ip-addresses
    [+] Possibility to run addons on clients
    [+] Some bug fixes
    [+] Possibility to change console prompt
    [+] Added `/rc cmd` to send a command to the console
    [+] Possibility to disable header sent on startup
    [+] Bumped mysql-connector from 8.0.18 to 8.0.19
    [+] Bumped reflections from 0.9.11 to 0.9.12
    [+] Bumped junit from 4.12 to 4.13
    [+] Bumped netty from 4.1.44.Final to 4.1.45.Final
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