ReformCloud V2 2.2.2

Not just a cloud system but an experience

  1. Version 2.2.0

    [*] Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on permission check
    [*] Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in proxy addon
    [*] Fixed delete of process groups on nodes
    [*] Fixed possibility to connect to processes which are invisible
    [*] Improved workflow with nodes in cluster and process handling

    [+] Rethink Database support
    [+] Dynamic memory option
    [+] MySQL connection pooling
    [+] Possibility to prepare the cloud processes and start them later
    [+] Complete recode of sign system and sign knockback support for sponge [+] Automatic reload of application configurations on proxies/servers after reload of the cloud
    [+] Complete recode of the runner
    [+] Better file downloading and outprint of file size which is downloaded
    [+] Specific message if a player is not using an internal proxy server

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