ReformCloud V2 2.10.0

Not just a cloud system but an experience

  1. Version 2.10.0

    The new cloud version (2.10.0) is now available for download. In this version many bug fixes were made and - as announced - the client/controller system was removed and the API was completely rewritten. In addition, the internal functionality has been heavily reviewed and adapted. In the tests we were able to deploy and start more than 100 servers without noticing performance leaks:

    However, if bugs still occur despite the many tests, we would be very happy about a bug report via Discord or GitHub. Furthermore, we have a very summarized list of changes below:

    [*] Some Bug fixes
    [*] Added IPv6 support
    [*] Misc minecraft server/proxy version upgrades
    [*] Misc dependency updates and upgrades
    [*] Added tab complete [\*] Added template command
    [*] API rework
    [*] Removed client/controller system

    More information is available in the GitHub release:

    Remember, ReformCloud is provided as-is - we are not responsible for data loss or corruption. You are encouraged to back up your files before any updates!
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