Regen v0.0.1

Explosion regeneration management.

  1. Harencar
    Version: v0.0.1
    Love the plugin! One feature I'd dearly love to have would be toggle regeneration based on the kind of explosion, e.g. a creeper explosion, vs a TNT or ghast explosion.
  2. GentillePlume
    Version: v0.0.1
    Awesome ! Simple and working perfectly. Very cool. Do you think is pertinent to add feature that give the possibility to define that your plugin work only in specific zones ? With WorldGuard or GriefPreventation for exemple !
    1. ElgarL
      Author's Response
      This plugin generates events that other plugins can listen to and control what/where regeneration occurs. Its detailed on Github. It would be a very simple plugin for anyone to write to interface between two plugins.