Regenerator 3.5.1

Regenerator is a perpetual world plugin that supports many grief prevention plugins

  1. Bysokar
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    English (But has Lang support)

    A perpetual world plugin!

    This plugin will completely remove the need for an admin to intervene with the world and regenerate it after players have either blown up or mined it dry.

    No further updates will be provided until I start getting some feedback (reviews) for the current version.

    How to install & Configure:

    1. Download Regenerator from and place it in your plugins directory.

    If you use an integrated plugin:

    1. If you use an integrated plugin, simply start the server.

    2. Optionally, to change the automated regeneration regions and your plugin supports it, edit /plugins/Regenerator/integrations/plugin.yml and add your region name under ‘claimsAutoRegen’.

    3. If you made changes in step 2, type /regenerator reload or restart your server.

    If you use a non-integrated chunk based protection plugin:

    1. Start your server.

    2. Once your server starts, edit ‘enableUnknownProtectionDetection’ in global.yml and set it to true.

    3. Edit ‘noGriefRun’ in global.yml and set it to true.

    4. Type /regenerator reload or restart your server.

    If you don’t use a chunk based non-integrated, or integrated plugin:

    1. Start your server.

    2. Once configuration files have been generated, configure each of the world.yml files in /plugins/Regenerator/worlds.

    3. Set autoRegen to true or false depending on if you want the world in question to regenerate automatically.

    4. In each world.yml you enable automated regeneration for, set minBlockAutoRegen to the minimum block distance from spawn that you wish regeneration to start on that world.

    5. In each world.yml you enable automated regeneration for, set maxBlockAutoRegen to the block distance from spawn that you wish regeneration to stop on that world.

    6. Edit ‘noGriefRun’ in global.yml and set it to true.

    7. Type /regenerator reload or restart your server.

    Integrated Grief Prevention Plugins:

    v3.4.0 or higher (MC 1.13-1.15.2) :

    · Factions3

    · Grief Prevention

    · RedProtect

    · WorldGuard

    · Towny

    v3.3.0 or lower (MC 1.7-1.12):

    · Factions

    · Grief Prevention

    · Worldguard

    · RedProtect

    · FactionsUUID

    · Towny

    · Landlord

    · FactionsOne

    Support for Non-integrated protection plugins (Requires MC 1.15.2):

    Regenerator also has limited support for all chunk based protection plugins, whereby it will not regenerate claimed land for a plugin it has no integration for.

    Simply set ‘enableUnknownProtectionDetection’ to ‘true’ in global.yml to enable this feature.

    Notice: Regenerator does not support Region based protection plugins it doesn’t integrate with at this time

    World Upgrade Feature:

    Regenerator will always regenerate chunks with the current Minecraft server’s version and seed, using the currently active world provider.

    This means that if a world was generated on a previous version of Minecraft, or using a world providing plugin that is no longer installed, regenerator will not regenerate chunks as they used to appear. This is because Regenerator is not a Rollback plugin.

    The plus side of this is, over time, all unclaimed areas on your servers worlds will be updated to the current MC version or move away from a now missing world provider.

    To speed this process up, you can set ‘regenerateUninitialisedChunksNearPlayersRadius’ to 0 or higher to have players initialize chunks as they travel through your worlds. Chunks near players will be queued for regeneration during their initialization process.

    If you have a fast server, or don’t mind a bit of lag during the initialization process, you can set ‘regenerateUninitialisedChunksNearPlayersInstant’ in global.yml to true to attempt to instantly regenerate chunks during initialization, as it happens.

    Notice: If TPS drops too low whilst ‘regenerateUninitialisedChunksNearPlayersInstant’ is set to true, it will fall back to queuing chunk regeneration.


    The nature of this plugin is highly destructive. Regenerating chunks in worlds is never without risk.

    By downloading and installing this plugin, you agree to take regular backups and completely absolve the author of any responsibility for damage done to worlds.

    That being said, all of the major mechanics focusing around protecting claimed chunks are 100% solid and working. I have not had a single issue reported to me of a claimed chunk being regenerated or of a chunk being corrupted.


    Command: /regenerator map

    Description: This command shows a factions/towny style minimap, with legend, that details regeneration status for the surrounding chunks - as well as whether or not a player can regenerate it themselves.

    Permission Node:

    Command: /regenerator info <chunk/world>

    Description: This command shows the current status of a chunk or world, as well as when it was last regenerated or active.

    Permission Node: None.

    Command: /regenerator integrations

    Description: This command shows the list of supported grief prevention plugins, as well as whether or not they are currently active.

    Permission Node: regenerator.integrations

    Command: /regenerator regen

    Description: This command will attempt to regenerate the chunk a player is standing in. If it fails it will provide them with the permission node required.

    Permission Node: Baseline node is regenerator.regen.

    A Note about permissions for the regen command...

    There are MANY permission nodes for this command, that depend on your grief prevention plugin and relation to the claimer of the chunk.

    The denied message will always include the correct node to use, so I will not document them here

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Does this work with custom world generators, like EpicWorldGenerator?

    A: Yes! As long as the plugin in question implements the Bukkit World Provider interface correctly.

    Q: Does this support multiple protection plugins being installed at once?

    A: Yes!

    Q: Does this function without grief prevention plugins installed?

    A: Yes… but you will need to configure minBlockAutoRegen and/or maxBlockAutoRegen in each world.yml file in plugins/Regenerator/worlds, or enable UnknownProtectionDetection in global.yml to prevent player builds from being regenerated.

    Important: Once you’ve done this, set noGriefRun to true in global.yml to acknowledge you’ve configured the plugin correctly and accept the risk that worlds might be regenerated if you screwed up. I highly recommend you backup worlds first.

    Q: Does this lag the server?

    A: Not if configured correctly… you can regenerate chunks as slow or as fast as you like, based on configuration… by default it should regenerate a chunk every 5 seconds.

    The only time the plugin should potentially impact TPS in any noticeable way is if you have ‘regenerateUninitialisedChunksNearPlayersRadius’ enabled (set to -1 to disable), or ‘regenerateUninitialisedChunksNearPlayersInstant’ set to true.

    Q: Can I set a custom region to automatically regenerate?

    A: Yes, if your plugin is integrated and supports it. See /integrations/plugin.yml to see if it does.

    Q: What happens if my grief prevention plugin uses regions, instead of chunks and partially claims a chunk?

    A: Regenerator will assign the whole chunk to the region. This means it will be treated as part of the regions territory.

    Q: What happens if multiple grief prevention plugins claim area in a chunk?

    A: Regenerator will lock the chunk so it does not regenerate and cannot be regenerated manually without the override permissions set… this will no longer apply if the number of claims reduces to 1 or 0.

    Q: Can I make worlds regenerate at different speed?

    A: All worlds initially inherit from deaultRegenInterval in global.yml, but after their world.yml file is generated each world has a separate configurable regenInterval in /plugins/Regenerator/worlds.

    Q: My server is lagging.... Can you help?

    A: Sure! But before you do that, try increasing the min-tps-regen config setting in config.yml to 17 or higher.

    Q: I have an idea for a new feature/plugin to integrate with, how do I contact the author?

    A: You can contact Bysokar on the Regenerator Discord ( or via PM or discussion on

    Q: I have a bug report... Where do I send it?

    A: Post it at, along with your Regenerator version, WorldEdit Version, Server Version, integrated plugin versions, experienced behavior and desired behavior. Include logs and crashes as needed.

    Q: Do I need to backup my world?

    A: Yes, each time you update Regenerator to be safe. We have yet to have a complaint of a world being blatted, but better safe than sorry.

    Q: I have a MultiWorld desert or ocean world that regenerated as overworld, what happened?

    A: You have multiple multiworld plugins installed, and a plugin other than MultiWorld loaded the world during server startup. Uninstall the offending plugin, restart the server and allow MultiWorld to load the world in question… then regenerate the broken chunks again.

    Q: Worlds are not regenerating... How come?

    A: Try enabling debug mode in global.yml and reviewing server logs. It should tell you why… most of the time this is that UnknownProtectionDetection is enabled and whatever plugin the server is using protects the wilderness. If you still have an issue, post the issue on github ( along with your server details and logs.

    Contacting the Author

    If you have any issues, please feel free to contact Bysokar on the Regenerator Discord at:

Recent Reviews

  1. xemles
    Version: 3.5.1
    Seems amazing for 1.15 but doesn't look like it's working on 1.16. Hoping for a 1.16 update
  2. Knyazek
    Version: 3.5.1
    It is a unique plugin, I hope it will be updated for version 1.16.1.

    Thank you.
  3. Feelingood
    Version: 3.3.0
    The link to the discord isn't valid....
    Looks like the plugin has been abandoned
    1. Bysokar
      Author's Response
      Was abandoned, but you motivated me. v3.4.0 has been released to support 1.15.2 and I've updated the discord link :)
  4. sebastien
    Version: 3.3.0
    Are you available for help?

    The plugin looks very well developed
    The plugin looks very well developed
    1. Bysokar
      Author's Response
      Hi Sebastien, Appreciate the feedback :) Sorry I've got a full plate.. no real time to work on any other projects.
  5. ShirtlessSenpai
    Version: 3.3.0
    Honestly this plugin is so useful.
    Found this and was so happy that it worked after a similar plugin did not fully support worldguard despite saying so.
  6. gokhan
    Version: 3.2.3
    I was waiting this plug for months.. Thank you. And now waiting for the Kingdoms+ support...
    Keep on working..
    1. Bysokar
      Author's Response
      Hi Gokhan, the Kingdoms+ Developer can start investigating supporting Regenerator. With v3.3.0+ I'm doing everything via events which the Kingdoms Dev can subscribe to. He can even initiate regeneration of a chunk when an area is unclaimed.
  7. Marian666
    Version: 3.2.2
    How can i fix a broken chunk whit this?.........................................................................
    1. Bysokar
      Author's Response
      Regenerator will not repair broken chunks. You'll need to use WorldEdit and select the area around the broken chunk and regenerate it. Regenerator will attempt to regen it if it is unclaimed and inactive, which will fix it eventually though.
  8. ZenAndreas
    Version: 3.2.0
    Doesn't work, maybe my fault, developer is not active...poor support maybe in the future when developer returns
    1. Bysokar
      Author's Response
      Hi ZenAndreas, As requested several times please provide me via Discord or GitHub an exact description of your issue, as well zip up both your latest.log and plugins/Regenerator directories and provide that to me. Without errors I cant do anything.
  9. Tai_1er
    Version: 3.2.0
    Towny support works fine but the TPS fall without regen. (lags 1 day after install it, and I set the auto regen delai to 7 days :/ )
    1. Bysokar
      Author's Response
      Can you please zip up your plugins/Regenerator folder and provide that and a server log when the TPS spikes occur? Post a dropbox link on my GitHub.
  10. Abyxx
    Version: 3.2.0
    Hey , This is the most Awesome Plugin!
    literally my favourite of the plugins I'm using!
    Please keep up the awesome work!
    Works with 1.10 , bug-free ! :)

    Just one quick question. Have you got it so that it regens the Ores in different locations and in an anti x-ray way? Just curious , if not perhaps it would be an awesome feature to consider :)

    Thanks plenty! looking into donating