Regionerator 2.3.0

Gradual deletion of unvisited terrain

  1. Configuration, Caching, and More

    It's been so long since a release that you get categories instead of just bullet points! Exciting!

    • Added per-world flag durations and default setting for all non-specified worlds
      • Replaces 2 old settings - world list and flag duration.
      • Allows for setups where specific worlds do not use Regionerator but all other user-generated worlds will.
      • See...
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  2. ClaimChunk hook, minor fixes

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  3. Please read - Dropped local dependencies

    Hooks for Feudal, Kingdoms, Landlord, and UltimateClaims have been removed.
    • Removed local dependencies
      • While pretty much all of the various supported plugins are open source, anything requiring manual setup ruins the point of using a tool like Maven for dependency management. I am not going to maintain support for plugins that require me to do additional manual work and reduce the ability of others to contribute.
      • Removed Feudal support....
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  4. Update RedProtect hook, minor bugfixes

    • Fix RedProtect hook optimization for 7.7.2 (still worked, just potentially much slower)
    • Fix error on shutdown while cycle was running with option remember-next-cycle-time
    • Fix error not being raised when failing to delete a file
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  5. Updated Lands Hook

  6. Regionerator 2.1.0

    • Added backwards compatibility for old versions of SQLite
      • Note that due to how old SQLite works, the "last delete" information is not available - it requires over double the database interaction.
    • Added configuration option remember-next-cycle-time to not restart cycles on plugin load.
    • Removed unused configuration option minutes-per-flag-autosave
      • This setting only affected cache duration (which was capped to 5 minutes and performed effectively as 3),...
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  7. Outdated SQLite Compatibility

    • Allows the plugin to enable without the ability to use triggers
      • This breaks the "last visit before delete" functionality, but allows Regionerator to run on servers using outdated software.
    If you do intend to use Regionerator on old server software and want to enable this feature, you will need to update SQLite. This resource will help you do that. As always, make sure to test...
  8. 2.0.1 - Fix Civs hook

    • Updated Civs hook to 1.6.7
    • Fixed issue checking regions that do not exist
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  9. 2.0.0 release

    This is a combined changelog including all of the betas since the 1.5.9 release. For specifically beta 5 to release, check the tag compare.
    • Rewrote the deletion process
      • Prioritizes deleting entirely orphaned or unvisited regions, yielding a higher success rate and greater reduction in world size
      • Focus on providing data on-demand to reduce memory footprint
      • Chunk's last modified timestamp...
  10. Combined Beta 4&5

    • Re-rewrote chunk handling
      • Focus on providing data on-demand to reduce memory footprint
      • Chunk's last modified timestamp is now used to determine visit status in addition to flags, guarantees chunks that see regular use will be considered visited
      • Exposes methods for deleting chunks
    • Back up flag data when deleting chunks - can be checked with /regionerator check
    • Moved more of deletion off the main thread
    • Minimized interaction with flagging cache on...