RegionEvents 1.0

Simple & easy to use API for WorldGuard's regions

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    • 1.15
    PartyProNL, Fernigheid

    RegionEvents is a simple and easy to use API with 2 events: RegionEnterEvent and RegionLeaveEvent. You can use these to do things when a player enters or leaves a region. This plugin is made for Minecraft version 1.15 but might support others. We haven't gotten around to test other versions.


    RegionEvents is fairly simple to use; to set it up you just need to import the RegionEvents.jar file into your project, and then you can start coding away! But an explanation might be useful, so here is one.

    RegionEnterEvent and RegionLeaveEvent (They work the same, just triggered separately)
    Code (Java):

    getPlayer() // Returns the player who entered/left a region
    getRegion() // Returns the ProtectedRegion which was entered/leaved
    getTo() // Returns where the player was walking to
    getFrom() // Returns where the player came from
    setCancelled(Boolean boolean) // Set if the event is cancelled
    isCancelled() // Returns a boolean saying if the event is cancelled or not

    Code (Java):

    public void onRegionEnter(RegionEnterEvent event) {
        if(event.getRegion().getId().equalsIgnoreCase("Hub") {
            event.getPlayer().sendMessage("Welcome in the hub!");

    Note that you should still have the WorldGuard API in your project, it is needed for everything to work.

    If you enjoyed using our plugin, then please leave a rating behind. If you've found any bugs, you can report them at the discussion page. We sincerely hope you find this helpful, and if not please tell us what we can improve on

    For support you can go to our Discord server (, or you can just ask a question on the discussion page
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